The Beginning of the Week is for Bankroll Building

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 19, 2022 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on The Beginning of the Week is for Bankroll Building

Sometimes we forget how to grind it out and take what you can get. Most feel they have a bankroll, and they are in the game until the pocket is empty or a few winners that keep them going. But there is a secret. – Take what you can get and appreciate it.

Many times, Joe-average bettor seeks to win the big score on a small bankroll. Oh, it does happen, but not often. – But if you’re looking to keep the ball rolling and gather some extra cash to start building, you’re in the right place.  You may want to start with this mindset:

  1. You have 8 live races and plenty of action. Now, take the eight races and find your top four. Now, filter it down to your top three. – Good start.
  2. You now have $20 to start each wager and that will stretch your $60 bankroll into a full day’s action.
  3. If you bet $20 on your top pick to place and it pays $3.40. You have made $14. – Next bet, take the $34.00 bucks and make your place wager. You get lucky again as you’re only playing your top three plays from eight races. – She pays $3.80, and now you have $64.60! – Time for the big moment. Take out your initial $20 you started with to protect your bankroll and the worst you can do is break even for the day. – Wager your $44 bucks on your big pick to place and it pays $3.40 – Now your bankroll sits at $74.80 plus the 60-cents left over, and the $40 bucks you didn’t touch; you’ve made a profit of 75.40 for three races and you’ve only played your three best picks. Not bad for a small bankroll – Don’t forget to add in the $40 you didn’t need to wager, and you have $115.40 in your bankroll for next time.

The place parlay has been my secret bankroll builder for decades. It kept me in action for the many years I’ve worked at the track. Most gamblers feel like it takes the pick-four or pick-five to count it as a good day. – Take what you can get, roll it into a bankroll, and wait for your favorite card to play. You will need to kick up your initial wager keeping that place parlay going. As long as you don’t get greedy or need a million-dollar win. You’ve got a good shot at going home with a good return. Here is a glimpse of my latest venture of bankrolling for one week starting with $150 by only making a place wager on my favorite four races during the course of a Saturday.

$50 to place on my first selection was solid and won paying $4.00 to place – That drove my bankroll up to $100. – Play #2 – $100 to place on a runner who was short in price but looked great. He paid $3.00 to place – Bankroll stood at $150. Not a bad start. – Play #3 – $150 to place on a (5-1) shot and he paid $4.40 to place – Bankroll stood at $330.00 – Play #4 was a turf beast who looked great at New York.  He ran away and hid paying $3.40 to place. – Bankroll swelled to $561.00 bucks, and I was done for the day with a sweet return. – Took out my initial $50 investment and my profit stood at $511.00 – Not a bad day at the races.

Stick to what suits you. I have friends who take a shot at the million-dollar pick-six and may have made one or two bets on this wager in the past. – Keep in your wheelhouse, and you’ll feel better at the end of the day.

You get lucky and do this three times. – Once you see a nice bankroll start, pick your favorite track with races you’ll like to play and take your big shot! – It didn’t cost you a dime and now you get a chance to step back to the plate and swing away! – Now, that is just one formula to have a shot at the big score without losing your car payment. – If you win on the big day, put it back in the pot and start over with your smaller style wagering plan.

Protecting your bankroll and money management are the keys to success. Keeping a handle on your wagering is discipline. Add the two, and you have a player who is focused and ready to win.

Best of luck and let us know how you do! – See you in the winner’s circle!