Rough and Tough Game

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 30, 2023 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Rough and Tough Game

For decades, Angel Cordero rode as tough as nails. You didn’t come up the rail on him, and Lord knows you didn’t ride too close to pin him in. It was part of the game and he did his fair share of days off and fines levied. Irad Ortiz is one of the strongest finishers in the sport. I know many riders who have a strong hand down the lane. But, for my money, and many of the public supporters, Ortiz is one of the best in the world.

First, watch the race again and you decide. – My only question is if this was such a bad call how come no objection was claimed? – If they both popped up on the board, it may have had more weight in the steward’s stand.

(772) Forte – 2023 – The Jim Dandy – YouTube


Ortiz will ride this way until he hangs up his tack. Some riders finesse their way through a gap and others come through with a determined sense of purpose. – The sport is being ruled by HISA in many states, and the number of times a rider may use his whip is six times during the course of the race. – No more using the stick as a steering tool to keep your horse off another. I’m glad the call was “As Is” meaning no change. It was not the trainer, jockey, or fans’ money. A decision was made by qualified stewards who go through extensive education and spend countless hours watching races with other judges to learn and share thoughts.

It may not be popular and I didn’t have a bet. But no call was my vote as well. – Somebody was going to be mad, and I have friends in some of the biggest jurisdictions who make these calls. I’ve been put up and taken down many times, but I trust the process.

Give it time. This will look clearer in time.