Poly Playbacks

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 4, 2008 in Educational Articles, General Discussion, Handicapping | No Comments >>

If you are looking for an angle that needs to be hammered. Try this one on for size….

Runners that are coming off the dirt or turf and making their second start on the Poly surface. I know, this sounds a little far fetched, but it has produced some big paydays for me.

It works just the same for horses coming off of the synthetic surface. The reason is that it takes a little while for a runner to get used to the pounding of the track again. I have followed runners that need this changeover. It works both ways. For runners going the second time over the synthetic, it allows the horse to heal a bit and enjoy training on the softer ground. They build lung capacity and get their legs back into the game.

Now, some take to the track better than others. But you have to do your homework and read up on bloodlines for the synthetic. But take my word for it, the angle does work. As with all athletes, different surfaces fit some and not others. So be on alert for runners making the big move.