Horses to Watch

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 17, 2008 in Educational Articles, Handicapping | 2 Comments >>

So many times we see a race that we really liked. Or, it could be the 6th race at Whatever Park where your pony gets shut off but finishes up nicely. I tried in vain to keep up on my horses to play list, but things get in the way. Work, life, and everything in between.

So I started keeping a list in pocket. I have a small memo book to look cool, but I don’t think it is working. But the big piece of the puzzle, it keeps me focused on going home and going to one of the many FREE sites that catalog your runners. Yes, you heard it right. FREE! All that you have to do is commit yourself to spend a few minutes and type in a couple of comment lines.

After this painless process, you will receive all workouts, entries of this runner, and date of their next race 48 hrs prior. You have just kicked up your game to the semi-pro ranks no matter what your level. For years, trip handicapping was the way to follow your horses. No more smatterings of paper, cocktail napkins, or scraps that get thrown away. To have a comment line that describes the race is helpful when your notice comes via email.

Funny thing. I get an email, and all of a sudden that race comes flooding back to me… I forgot three weeks ago about Chewy Slew, but here he is again and that horrible rider has been replaced. Now, I have a plan. I suggest you keep up on your lists, and purge them after every race. This allows you to keep up to date data on recent trip horses to take note.

Nothing replaces good old fashioned handicapping. But to have your “special’ ponies sent to you in email form takes out all of the work. The day has come. Big Brother finally is doing us a favor.