It’s Show Time!

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 11, 2008 in Free Picks and Tips, Handicapping, News and Announcements | No Comments >>

If you tuned in for our inaugural show last Thursday, you were not disappointed. Now, nobody probably went home in a limo, but the conversation and selections were an excellent way to prepare for the weekend. To be able to look ahead and plot your course to a winning weekend is time well spent.

We kicked off talking about what brings to the table. For our members, these are the obvious reasons that you feel comfortable in using our product. For our new listeners, this was an opportunity to find your way to the winners circle.

Our special guest, Tyler Picklesimer, is one of the bright spots in racing. He patiently gave you a behind the scenes tour of what goes on before you think about making a wager. He will be the guy in 20 years that will be one of the voices that keeps our game safe. He has my vote. With more guys that have learned the game from every angle, we can only benefit as a sport.

Having “Dangerous Dan” call in and give his red-hot selections was a lot of fun. If you listened carefully you heard some interesting tidbits; some you could have tucked safely into your wallet. You can bet we will always have seasoned professionals on board. That includes you, if you were wondering. Who better to hear from than the people who make the game go around? Jump in and give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

You can count on hearing behind the scenes information from people who do the work. We don’t want you getting it second hand, but hearing it straight from the source. Some names you will immediately recognize, and others you will become introduced to. The next time you hear them call a race, read their articles, or learn what makes the game go around, you can think back to time well spent listening to “Winning Ponies”.

You can rely on being informed, having fun, being able to answer trivia questions for prizes, and planning ahead for the weekend. Just like I have for so many years with “Ace” handicappers. These guys never made the front headlines, but have made an indelible mark in my heart. They have passed the torch of passion for a game that was here before us, and will be here long after. For that I have to say: “Thanks, Dad. You took the time and showed me the beauty of a sport with the precision of a master craftsman.”

Tune in. We will be here EVERY Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST, or 5:00 p.m. PST. You can listen to the show (and past archives) by using this link. Or call in at 888-346-9144.

You won’t be disappointed, as we will be talking about the sport we all love.