What Comes Around Goes Around

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 8, 2009 in General Discussion, News, Other Events | 4 Comments >>

This saying has been around longer than time. It really goes into effect at the track in more ways than one. It can refer to karma with how you treat others, and the horses going around in circles at the track.

If you saw Rachel Alexandra roll into the history last week in the Oaks, you should have an idea that she may be one of the great ones. You know, the kind they will be talking about long after we’re gone.

I loved it when Calvin Borel was patting her down the lane with the #1 finger waving proudly in the air. The way he was jumping in the saddle after the race, and best of all when he said he wished his mommy and daddy could see what he had done… That in itself was worth the watch.

She has been sold to Jess Jackson for a great deal of money. She will be taken from Hal Wiggins’ barn, and her new home will be with Steve Asmussen. His barn rider is Shaun Bridgmohan.

This had to set a lump in Calvin’s throat. When I saw him smile in the winner’s circle, I could have sworn he forgot to put his teeth in for the ride. But that is the same down home guy I met years ago. He was kind, and called you sir. He was older than I was, but still referred to me as sir. That is the old Cajun upbringing. They have always called men sir, or had the Mr. attached with your first name. Just plain manners that mom used to teach all of us.

Oh, back to things coming around….. The sale went through and we all thought Calvin was a rider in her history. Well, things have come full circle. He will not only be the first rider in 60 years to jump off a Derby winner to ride another in the Preakness, but he will be retained to ride her for all of her mounts in 2009.

Now, that is karma… What a break, and what an honor to be told you do so well with her, that they didn’t want to mess with the chemistry. Oh, and the horse he will ride in the Preakness is a filly. One named Rachel Alexandra…..