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by Ed Meyer

posted on June 14, 2009 in Free Picks and Tips, General Discussion, Handicapping | 4 Comments >>

I have talked about playing parlays. Particularly place parlays. I have a friend who said he would have a 12 race parlay that would begin on Friday and end on Sunday. His bankroll was $50, and the best part, he is still alive with two plays left.

He has made ten plays up to this point, and he has $2,883.26 from a $50 investment. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But, this guy is sharp and he does keep his plan no matter what.

So, on Sunday his roll is at stake. I have to say that I may have called it quits with the investment / return at this point. But this guy is one of the only folks I know who has focus and determination at the track. If he said it would have been three bets, he would have stopped. But, it is a staggering 12 wagers.

I guess by now you want to know where his last two wagers are going to take place. Here is his plan win or lose. In Race #2 at Arlington he likes #4 Rahoo. The parlay finishes out with a dead-chalk in the 4th Race at Hollywood with #6 Indian Blessing.

I guess wagers like this can make your knees weak. But, for the “Railbird” he sees it as his $50 original wagering dollars allotted. He stands to make it a good weekend. I tried not to pry too much into his plan, but this was one that caught my interest. So, if you are combing through the results on Sunday night take a look at these two final plays. I sure hope he takes it down…..

4 Responses to “My Place”

  1. John W. says:

    Ouch! That had to hurt. Neither one placed….I think that in a situation like this, I’ll pick a number – probably $500 for me – and say “when it hits that amount, I’m cashing and starting over.

  2. Horstradamus says:

    I agree..

    If it was $20-80 bucks, well I may have let it all ride. But when it gets HUGE. You have to pull out and go to plan “B.”

    After the loss, as I said. He just shrugged it off and said his $50 went a very long way. No matter what, he always sticks to his plan. I just wish it would have ended two races earlier.

    Best of luck !!

  3. Dan Moore says:

    A fool and his money soon part

  4. Horstradamus says:

    On occasion, people do chase the big prize. Each to his own, and one cannot predict what another will do.

    Some gamble alone, some gamble with many others, and some just keep quiet about their betting. To each their own.

    I have to say, it was a big amount of money and was more than I care to wager. But some do go after the big score. My thoughts are split. But, it was a gutsy play.

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