House Horse

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 23, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

It just so happened that for two weeks, Latonia Race Course was collecting entries, and twenty lucky owners would own 1/20th of a runner for the year. You would be in the big time. Also, it just so happened that a pad of entry blanks found their way onto the floor. I picked them up, and spent my time in English in high school filling out my chances….

At 17 years old with my dad, I waited until the big moment. They called one by one from this huge hopper. I never made it, even after the 500 entries.. I guess cheaters never prosper..

The idea of having a horse that many players own for the meet is a unique concept. Think about it. No bills, but all of the thrills… Talk about an ad for getting people into the game… What about the publicity that you would get? The other tracks would jump on this idea like flies to sugar.

Everyone got to go to the paddock. Everyone got to go to the dining room.  Everyone got to get in the winner’s circle picture. Yep, they won three times that year… It will be something I will never forget from way back, and I know many would embrace the idea now. Just think, your own runner… This is the dream of everyone at the track…