Details, Details….

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 22, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I am so ashamed that I should put my nose in the corner. I use, and last week I prepared to win. I had everything I needed, except the final details.

I had New York locked cold. I love the circuit…

I had my gimmicks; multi-race plays and doubles to run the card. The only thing I left at home was my brain. I think it would have been better if I would have left my money.

One of the biggest bonus elements to W/P’s form is the ability to change the predictions for changing track conditions. I saw on the weather tab that there was a chance of showers, but when I made my way to the window, it was as sloppy as my thinking.

One little thing I talk about most is using the “changing track conditions” dropdown box. This gives you a new selection draw for the changing oval.

If you leave your brain in a jar, you get what you get. It was on this day I tried to play catch-up and use my data for a fast track in the slop. What a mistake. I had a couple of winners, but I went back and examined what I could have done, and I don’t have to give you the results.

Be sure to keep up on ALL changes. This is the biggest bonus that no other handicapping service offers. It was there, and I knew it all too well…. I suggest you put it to use when you see Mother Nature getting ugly…..