Old Dogs

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 22, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Everyone has heard the adage about old dogs and new tricks…. I have fallen into this myself, and I have found out when you don’t listen you will feel it (in the wallet that is)….

Two very good horse players make a nice “team” wager on the Pick-6. It must have a carry-over, and they have a meeting of the minds to determine who will be played, and who will be left out of the ticket.

Every day as I make my way around the track, they always shout over to me and ask if I would like to jump in. I have picked a few winners in my days, and they are friends. But as always, I decline with a smile.. I see them pouring over the info, and talking like a G-8 Summit meeting.

I should have realized that here were two solid handicappers taking a shot at a good score. They always prepared, and liked the same circuit that I follow. So, where is the problem? Mainly, it was with my thinking. All that I could remember was a million dollar plus P-6 in Kentucky in the late 90’s. I had thrown in $32 bucks, and had the first four winners. Two of them singles, and all paying in the double digits.  I was coming back to multiple horses later in the races. Well, I had 4 winners and 2 seconds… The taste has never left my mouth.

The next day as the mutuel manager was wrapping up over $96,000 in a thick money bag, I knew this was a case where old dogs still need to go after new tricks. This trick was slapping down another few bucks and getting in. But, that didn’t happen. I am glad they took down the score, and this little lesson will be remembered for quite awhile.

So, don’t hold yourself back from opportunity. Even if it is once in a while, jump in… I guess the old saying comes back to me. As Momma said, “the next best thing to playing and winning, is playing and losing.” Or, in this case, not playing and watching others win……