by Ed Meyer

posted on August 28, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Each day I walk the track and see what is happening. To see faces and the patrons coming in daily is a neat way to get to the bottom line. I see many in the same places. Especially one jockey who has caught my eye time and time again….

Edgar Paucar is a rider on the Ohio Circuit. He started at Penn National, and moved up to the New England area. He was advised by fellow rider Vernon Bush to seek out the Ohio circuit. Vernon just made milestone number 3,000 in his career. Good advice….

I see Edgar each and every morning. He is taking a slow jog around the track. He has the look of a boxer. Afterward, you will see him doing a series of stretches and yoga movements long before the first post. He is in the saddling area doing his exercises. He graduated from the famous riding school in Peru, and they have turned out more winners than losers over the years. Zen-like motions and focus are what give him his balance.

If you do a rate of return on every first race that Edgar rides, you will see a very high % of winners. He gets ready when most are just getting to the track, or if they are having a late nap in the jocks room. Edgar plain out comes ready to roll.

On Sunday, he joined the six-wins-in-one day club. He has joined the likes of Perry Outzs and Carlos Marquez. This is a rare achievement, and he has knocked off another chip.

You can find him in the national rider standings. He is riding on the smaller circuits, but he is solid.  To have a rider like Edgar aboard your runner, should give you confidence.

He has been riding in the U.S since 2004. This should be just the tip of the iceberg for a talented young man. I feel he will definitely make the step up to the next level, and the only question is when. So don’t be surprised to see him in the big leagues. I think Paucar will be there before we know it. But, don’t forget about him in the meantime…….