On Fire!

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 24, 2009 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

No… It is not what you think. Many of us have had a streak of luck for a bit, but things get back to normal. But for Mr. McIntosh it was a hot streak of a different kind.

He has worked in the same furniture store for over 35 years. He is a master carpenter, and can make anything. Two people broke into the store at night and vandalized the place. Low and behold, a fire was set and and they are closed for 6 months….

Joe went home to his small two-bedroom home. He lives alone, and he and his cat Charlie watch football and read the Form on the weekend, or whenever the mood hits. Well, as he left for the store a week after the fire, he returned home just in time to watch the fire trucks putting out his home of many years. Faulty fridge plug… Most importantly, Charlie survived.

The folks at the track can reach in and help one of their own. Some gave money; some gave clothes; one gave him the keys to his two-story garage apartment. Joe has to work his rent off with handy work and fix-up jobs at the other apartments… But, he and Charlie are happy..

Well, life goes on and Joe and Charlie are reading the Form for his Saturday at the track. He had a modest bankroll, and planned on staying a few races. He decided to put together a $12 pick-six. It was a longshot at best, and he told me he never plays them; “sucker bets” as he calls them…. It was on this day that Joe became a sucker.. He hit for a sweet $103,430.00.  Not a bad day at the races. He has said that he is a confirmed P-6 player for life now…

While his job is being resurrected, he has been asked to stay on as the handyman and rent collector. He agreed, and started rebuilding his life. He and Charlie still read together, and watch the Bengals play on TV. Things have turned out pretty good for him. He has what he loved, and this has given a hardworking man a break, while the P-6 has given him some breathing room. He said nothing so good has come out of something so bad. He said, “I guess I was on fire for awhile, but things are back to normal.” Thanks to many who lent a helping hand, and a stroke of luck from the wagering gods. Things are looking up, and he and Charlie have work to do.