When Is Post Time? [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 25, 2009 in Free Picks and Tips | 13 Comments >>

By now, you have put together toys, ate until your pants won’t buckle, and are looking forward to bowl season getting in full swing. But, you may have forgot that Saturday brings renewed gamblers to the plate. They have been off for two days, and you just may need a little adult break before you get back to finishing the toys.

Tomorrow brings racing back to life. The “Big A” is back in action, and the rest of the country is preparing for a nice run of holiday action. Here is your chance to slip out the back door and get back in action.

I would find out the weather conditions around the country, and then proceed to download your data. WinningPonies is ready to get back in the swing, and all it takes is for you to choose your tracks and man-up to the printer.

My advice would be to check out New York racing, They have a holiday hiatus, and will be ready to get running. This is one of my favorite tracks, and they will be ready. Kentucky is cooking, and they will have a special holiday post time all week through New Years. The “Big Easy” offers up some great turf racing, and California is starting to brew. So, what are ya’ waiting for ?

I know what would make it a holiday hoe down…. Let’s give out a couple of free selections that may help. These little nuggets give you something to focus on, and to run against the tier levels. Here come a couple of plays worth the effort:

Race #1 – Aqueduct = #2 Geno Green (5-2). David Cohen is in the saddle for Cody Autrey. Cohen has won at a crisp 17%, and Autrey wins at 23%. They team up to win at a 27% win clip, and 55% ITM. This guy is 3/4 ITM at Aqueduct, and is coming fresh off a claim. Autrey wins at 23% on this move. This gelding just won last out, and drops in class. Yep, you heard it right… Autrey wins at 33% dropping in class off a win. This all adds up to a nice play.

Race #3 – Aqueduct = #6 Pashito the Che (1-1). Eibar Coa up for Scott Lake. They are expecting some rain in the New York area.  This 3-year-old colt is 3/3 with wins on a soft going. The is the $65,000 Gravesend Handicap, and this race looks to have some nice competitors. This guy is 7/7 ITM at the distance, and Lake trains them to win at 20% in non-graded stakes. With two straight bullet works, this colt should run well with Coa at the helm. The price may be a little short to get value on the win end, but this looks like a nice play for the gimmicks.

Race #4 – Aqueduct = #5 Fortyninegeorgest (2-1). Ramon Dominguez in the saddle for Sydney Dutrow. They are winning at 28% and 32% respectively. The team-up value yields a sweet 50% win and a 67% ITM. Drops in class, and goes from turf to dirt. You can throw out that last race as it was a tough trip. This class level should fit better, and look good down the lane.

Well, there is nothing like finding that extra present under the tree. You know, the one that was hidden way in the back. We hope that you get your data early, and prepare to pick up where you left off. Racing awaits, and it can’t get any better than this. So, guzzle down your last eggnog and make your way to the track. It is time to get back in the game….

Good luck!