When Is Post Time? [Free Selections]

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 25, 2009 in Free Picks and Tips | 13 Comments >>

By now, you have put together toys, ate until your pants won’t buckle, and are looking forward to bowl season getting in full swing. But, you may have forgot that Saturday brings renewed gamblers to the plate. They have been off for two days, and you just may need a little adult break before you get back to finishing the toys.

Tomorrow brings racing back to life. The “Big A” is back in action, and the rest of the country is preparing for a nice run of holiday action. Here is your chance to slip out the back door and get back in action.

I would find out the weather conditions around the country, and then proceed to download your data. WinningPonies is ready to get back in the swing, and all it takes is for you to choose your tracks and man-up to the printer.

My advice would be to check out New York racing, They have a holiday hiatus, and will be ready to get running. This is one of my favorite tracks, and they will be ready. Kentucky is cooking, and they will have a special holiday post time all week through New Years. The “Big Easy” offers up some great turf racing, and California is starting to brew. So, what are ya’ waiting for ?

I know what would make it a holiday hoe down…. Let’s give out a couple of free selections that may help. These little nuggets give you something to focus on, and to run against the tier levels. Here come a couple of plays worth the effort:

Race #1 – Aqueduct = #2 Geno Green (5-2). David Cohen is in the saddle for Cody Autrey. Cohen has won at a crisp 17%, and Autrey wins at 23%. They team up to win at a 27% win clip, and 55% ITM. This guy is 3/4 ITM at Aqueduct, and is coming fresh off a claim. Autrey wins at 23% on this move. This gelding just won last out, and drops in class. Yep, you heard it right… Autrey wins at 33% dropping in class off a win. This all adds up to a nice play.

Race #3 – Aqueduct = #6 Pashito the Che (1-1). Eibar Coa up for Scott Lake. They are expecting some rain in the New York area.  This 3-year-old colt is 3/3 with wins on a soft going. The is the $65,000 Gravesend Handicap, and this race looks to have some nice competitors. This guy is 7/7 ITM at the distance, and Lake trains them to win at 20% in non-graded stakes. With two straight bullet works, this colt should run well with Coa at the helm. The price may be a little short to get value on the win end, but this looks like a nice play for the gimmicks.

Race #4 – Aqueduct = #5 Fortyninegeorgest (2-1). Ramon Dominguez in the saddle for Sydney Dutrow. They are winning at 28% and 32% respectively. The team-up value yields a sweet 50% win and a 67% ITM. Drops in class, and goes from turf to dirt. You can throw out that last race as it was a tough trip. This class level should fit better, and look good down the lane.

Well, there is nothing like finding that extra present under the tree. You know, the one that was hidden way in the back. We hope that you get your data early, and prepare to pick up where you left off. Racing awaits, and it can’t get any better than this. So, guzzle down your last eggnog and make your way to the track. It is time to get back in the game….

Good luck!

13 Responses to “When Is Post Time? [Free Selections]”

  1. Allen Seiden says:

    Hindsight is 20-20 {I think it`s 20-10} but considering the highest odds offered were 6/5, these “types of plays” will never be profitable in the long run. And the low odds were certainly to be expected, as the best thing about NY races is the pronounced tendency to overbet favorites.especially the well connected ones.
    Take the best odds offered , 49geo. at 6/5, do you really want an absent closer vs a full field? If a gun was held on me I would have picked him as well, but I think offering BAD, vulnerable favorites is more of a service than selecting horses that will obviously be overbet and offer no value.
    This is my first time viewing this site and your selections and backup stats are logical and analytically sound, but after playing this game for close to 40 years my one nugget of wisdom is either bet against vulnerable favorites or pass the race.With one exception: hooking up an unbeatable horse at low odds in exotics as a way to augment value.
    With patience and a good idea about what`s going on there are enough good bets to avoid using theses chalky types. I know 2 of them lost by a hair combined but they did lose.
    I don`t know if these picks are aberrations or if most selections are favorites but everday there are a handfull of these overbet sorts and avoiding them is my M.O. I am sure you are an excellent handicapper. I think I am OK as well and would have picked these same 3 to win as well, but I also knew Geno and Pashito would be 4/5 or less. As a close observerof NY track betting patterns, I am sure you were aware too, so why bother with these kind?
    Anyway that`s just my opinion and after many years of betting feel confident it has some merit. Good luck!
    Regards, Allen

  2. Horstradamus says:


    Point well taken…

    They were short prices when the lights lit up. I used them in multi-race exoitcs. Three friends of mine used them in a BIG place parlay. Eirher way, players seeking a profit.

    Anyone can toss out a 30-1 who gets dusted. I do agree, it is not much fun betting $2 win on these kinds. I like to string others with them on the tier levels to strike P-3’s and P-4’s.

    I work at a track, and have access to about material known to exist. Keep in the game, and check in on us from time to time. I think you will enjoy the site. Be sure to drop us a line and keep us up to speed !

    Best of luck, and have a Happy New Year !!

  3. Allen Seiden says:

    Thanks for your response. I have enjoyed scanning your site and it has offered me a well needed break from viewing this past weekend`s races at the Big A. I watch each race approximately ten times depending on the # of entries and the amount of troubled trips{ always enjoy watching a cashed out race, over and over}.By the way did 49stgeorgest. steady just after the 1/2 mile pole or just drop back.? I have watched a # of times and still can`t tell.
    I only play NYRA tracks and have been doing it professionally for several years now.Perhaps the abundance of overbet horses prompted me to respond to your selections,as I have shifted my wagering strategy to mainly looking for these underlays and seeking the value provided by their exclusion or minimalization in my wagers.I firmly believe heavy faves are pounded harder now, more than in years past and in many races where the heavy bettors are lost,the Dominguez , pick a Dutrow, Levine or Pletcher angles are huge factors on the odds, thus producing many false or overbet faves.Ramon rocks! but he still can`t carry some of the falsies over the finish line!
    I hope I didnt come off as one of those “critics” who need to show off their brilliance by offering negative feedback. I guess I am just kinda in tune with predicting odds, especially on anticipated big faves, and expected all 3 to be heavily bet.They were all extremely legit contenders, odds aside.I even used 2 of them on several pick 3 and pick 4 tickets, as singles{ouch}.
    to sum it up, I am a very solitary figure in racing,watching and wagering from my home office, and miss the chance to converse with knowledgeable contemporaries.When I came to your site I just felt like tossing in my 2cent`s worth.
    I am kind of unique due to some of the tools I use. The main one is a “Point of call” chart that visually reproduces the race in 2D, placing each horse in the correct fractional and running path locations at the pts of call and noting all trouble lines,etc.Basically they are hand drawn reproductions of each race, focusing on fractions, position and trouble.
    It makes recall much more clear than looking at a normal chart.and comparing races of the same distance much easier.I love the inner dirt, due to the limited # of race distances, making accurate figures much simpler to produce.
    Anyway back to work.
    Regards, Allen

  4. Allen Seiden says:

    Thank you, A Very Happy New Year to you as well!

  5. horstardamus says:


    The day we stop learning is the day we start losing. We thank you for your insights, and be sure to bring up some things you like and don’t like. We can only get better by listening to seasoned players.

    We value your input and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

    Have a safe a and Happy New Year !!

  6. Allen Seiden says:

    I hope that you followed the Gold brick road to fortune today playing inside speed at the Big A! Fantastic bias, caught on after 2 races. The coup de gras was Wadi Suki in the 9th, only inside horse with any shot at making the front.Hook him up with the best inside pace horse- Platinum couple and sweet results were to follow.Only wish Mighty Morris could have held on at 10-1 in 8th but Star of NY and Goodbye&goodluck were only horses he could be used with in triples.Card not great tomorrow but I am clicking my ruby slippers together and asking the Wizard to return me to the Gold-bricked Road again.
    The scarecrow , tinman and lion are looking to visit Carter`s store in Coney Island in the 6th and box the two or just have a frank., and if he is ready will not take Offense in the 9th if the gatepopping Attack is ready to go. Last 3 before his vacation he was 2 lengths out of the gate before foes could break at all.
    Sorry still feeling the New Year`s good cheer and the excitement of starting out the year in nice fashion.
    Catch up with you soon or if interested feel free to drop me an email.Like I said before , this is the coolest job for me, except for the lone wolf status and most of the chat sites are Ok but a tad simplistic.Actually ,the main reason I stumbled on to your site was looking for a second opinion regarding the sloppy track of Dec. 5. I am pretty sure the inside was deep and so far Dancing Daisy, Morning Run and Distorted Passion have offered a modicum of support to my perception of this.I gather from spending more time on your site that you are a well-established, successful entrepenuer in the handicapping realm and I certainly respect you for this.Most of the sites offering selections or not turn me off. I know it must seem odd that a complete stranger is attempting to initiate a topical relationship , but discussing the subject I am most fond of{my kids of course come first, my wife ,probably comes in to show.}seems to be more important than in years past.I was never one to frequent OTB parlors and days of going to the track are long past.I certainly understand if you are not interested in having the occasional discourse on the subject that we are both fascinated with ,to be wary of the unfamiliar is normal. I am a well educated, hopefully interesting and possibly humorous person looking to share,trade, or even argue ideas and opinions{Andy Serling I am not!] and that`s it..If not, that`s totally cool and wish you all the best.I assume this is a public site and if interested please email me.
    Regards and Good Luck,

  7. Ifa says:

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