Give Them One

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 3, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I was watching the games on Sunday. I saw many teams pulling starters, and not living up to their ability. It got me thinking about winter racing.

After the football games, I began to think about stables who do well, and those who use the winter to prepare. Gulfstream is a great track to watch the action, as the best love to play in the sun.

You need to examine your data and see how many days a runner has been off and away from the races. You will see this with the handy icons.  Watch the workout times and places. Anyone that wants to prep nicely in Florida goes to Payson Park. It is deep, and historically has prepped up some nice babies. If they can fly on the morning works, you can bet they will enjoy a nice oval in Miami.

Some trainers come along slow, and others come fast. Just keep your eyes peeled, and know the dates of the prep races. You may see a trainer giving them one on the main course, and you’ll see deep regal breeding on the grass. Don’t be caught off guard… One trainer I will bet dollars to donuts on is George “Rusty” Arnold. He loves to win at two tracks: Keeneland and Gulfstream… I have often wondered why over the years. Maybe it is the break after October for January, and then they march right into April / Keeneland from Florida. It has been the perfect scene, and it replays each year. Mark my word on this trainer… He is goooooood!

Just be sure to keep track of the red-hot work pattern in your info. WinningPonies can help you not miss a lick. The icons are helpful, and you can use them for notes. This is the time…..