Out Of The Club

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 26, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

Looks like Mike Gill has been kicked out of the racing club. The jockeys at Penn National took a vote on Saturday night and refused to ride in any race that has a Gill horse entered.

This is no “hate club,” but the riders have seen the breakdowns associated with his runners. He agreed to leave the game in 2006, but decided to come back. He was the leading owner with wins and money won in 2009. This looks good on the surface, but the riders feel different.

The horsemen at Penn claim that his horses are breaking down at an alarming rate. According to a close friend of mine who works the track, he feels that they are being run too much. The toll is catching up with him. If he does not change his ways, the racing world will turn their backs on him. Now those are tough words.

According to Ray Paulick of The Paulick Report, he feels there would be happier people and more horses who have not been put down.  You have to love Paulick. He tells it the way it is, and doesn’t care if he ruffles any feathers. I like to read the truth….

Gill has about 40-50 stalls at Penn. He stables off of the grounds and ships in to run. Gill has even compared himself to the owner of Seabiscuit. Funny thing, I remember the movie role showing how they gave the horse time. This was like a fat man in a thong. It just doesn’t fit….

I sure hope he leaves the game for good. He has won an Eclipse Award, and plenty of money. Time has come, and the people have spoke. How can everybody be wrong? Have a “going out of business sale” and call it a career. The game does not need anymore black-eyes.