Cry Babies

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 26, 2010 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

I went over to the track today, and for the short time that I was there, I saw some displays of childish behavior. I know that losing can be tough, but nobody cries when they win the big one…

I was always told to win with grace, and to lose with face. Long story sh0rt…. Don’t laugh too hard when you win, and don’t cry too loud when you lose.

There have been weeks and months where everything I have done was wrong… Call it snake bit or doing the wrong things. Either way, it can be a tough run. This has happened to every player, writer, and tipsheet artist. We all go through low spots…. But they do come to an end..

I was watching a well-dressed man walking back in from watching a race. He had this bitter-beer look on his face, and he threw his papers against the wall as they flew everywhere. I wish security could have kept a copy of this and showed it to him after he signs an IRS ticket. I think he would be embarrassed about his actions. Bad loser… The game is meant for those who know how to conduct themselves. Today was not his best day…

When I am going to make some wagers, I have a partner. She loves to gamble, but is a horrible loser. She acts as if gambling is an exact science. She lost a great deal of money in the market, but still gambling should be an ATM… This is a prescription for losing. No matter what, she thinks she should win. I like the confident thought process, but the weight of carrying the negativity is strong. She can’t figure it out, and I doubt she ever will. Gambling takes money, patience, and the optimism of a church lady. Mojo can bite you in the ass, no matter how hard you play, or no matter how much you know. It takes the ability to┬áreceive plenty of shots in the ribs before you can deliver a knockout punch. I like to say it takes: “a long distance runner, and an all day hunter.” Rule of thumb: Never give up…. The time you let go, you can bet the outcome for sure….. This is not an ATM.

Just have fun. Take it easy, or you can make a date with the ATM to withdraw money. Gambling is not for the faint of heart. It can be fun, and possibly lucrative. Just don’t give up, and start each day with a new attitude…. You can’t win it, unless you get in it.