One Day Pro

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 12, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

My pal loves to play on the big days. No matter if it is at Sunland Park or Santa Anita. He has his bets down… He just loves the big days.

I have another pal. You have heard him on our Internet Show and he goes by “Pistol Pete,” but his real name is Pete Aiello. Pete calls the races at River Downs, and is one of the best consistent handicappers that I know. He has good days, and great days. He has the occasional downtime, but he will be back the next day. That you can lay money on. Pete stays away from the limelight and marquee days. He sticks to his day in, and day out of playing smaller circuits. He knows who rides good for who, and what trainer is giving his horse a race. He could care less about the big races. He still watches because he is a fan, but his heart and wallet stays in play on the smaller ovals.

This gets me to thinking about Pimlico this Saturday. There are so many punters out there who will become a one day a year professional playing Maryland. They usually play the big circuits, and never bother watching. It is my friend Pete that comes to mind. Oh, he will probably have a couple of plays at Pimlico on Saturday. But they will be maiden $10,000, or claiming $5,000 non-winners of two on the year. He does very well, and his emotions are in check. I just wish he could meet my other pal, and get him back to watching New York, as he usually does on Saturday. OK, play the big race.  Pete may even make a small wager. Take a shot at the guaranteed P-4 pots…. This is his wheelhouse.

Stick to your knitting, and you will do better. The Preakness card offers great value, and if you follow the circuit, then you have a good chance. If not, then just download WP, and take advice from those who follow the oval. Just think, Pete will be playing the 12th at Thistledown when the Preakness will be running. He goes where there is value, and he knows his strength. Now, if we can just take a page or two from the “Pistol Pete” book of capping, we may find ourselves in better shape about 7:00 p.m. that night. Or, you can just throw your money to the wind and be a one day pro……