In Search Of The Cup

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 15, 2010 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

OK, I understand that practically every track in the nation wants the Breeders’ Cup. Or, that is how it seems. I know that was a silly comment, but you get the picture… Let me ask you one question…. If you had a survey with 2000 trainers that have a two-year-old baby just getting ready to train, where would they like to see them run on the first Saturday in May? I thought so…..

Churchill Downs is the best place to have the Breeders’ Cup. Let me run down some reasons, and then you think about it. Go on, really give it a thought.

  • They have an airport for shipping purposes less than five miles away..
  • They have a world-class city that is economical.
  • They have great accommodations with nightlife, casinos across the river, and plenty of training facilities.
  • The turf course is world class.
  • If it gets dark from weather, or if Mother Nature gets dark earlier, they have lights.
  • The track is built for mega-days. It has oodles of grandstand room, and super suites that rival any stadium. They are getting into the business of concerts, and the infield could hold court to the biggest in the world….
  • The city has racing history for 135 years and is more well known than Lone Star, or the synthetic problems of Santa Anita.
  • Churchill has become an innovator for wagering, and they do not fly under the NTRA banner anymore. They don’t have to. Why follow the pack when y0u can lead the field?
  • It is the Twin Spires. It his the house that Matt Winn built. In the fall, you could catch a home game at Papa John’s stadium, or have a blast along the river. When you think of history in the Bluegrass state, you think of Louisville. It is big, but it is close. It can accommodate, and it is not an arm and a leg like California or New York.

There it is…. All you need to know from a man who loves racing… I would keep it in the state that is known for Thoroughbreds, and play it up for all that it is worth. Keep it there… I’ll bet dollars to donuts in the next five years that Keeneland will be in the picture… They will expand the infield, and what a picture it will make… You don’t have to fight the weather in California, or the crowds in New York. You don’t have to pay the inflated prices in Toronto, or even go to Gulfstream in Florida, where they could face hurricanes or bad weather that time of year. Kentucky is the perfect choice. I get a bonus…. I live 120 miles away, and I love it for myself that much more. You should love it for the reasons mentioned above.