Tap Dancing

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 26, 2010 in Educational Articles, General Discussion, Handicapping | 4 Comments >>

Tap Dancing

I hate to see a player make so many plays that they couldn’t even tell you the number of horses they played. I call it tap dancing, and watching players bet more than the law allows is criminal, or at least silly…..

I have a friend that goes out once a week. He is a good capper, but he plays ovals he doesn’t even follow. It makes me wonder how a good player could expect to be a one-day-pro…. Why would he want to bet so much that it takes away from his bankroll? Why would you do this to yourself? Does it make sense to play races just because it is the one day you can get out of the house? I see good handicappers dance the day away. In the end, they are pissed and pout. They can’t even tell you what happened. The races they really liked never even got a bet, all because they played the third at No-Nothing Downs…. They were out of the house, and they beat themselves… That is the hardest place to be when you love the game…

I have asked my friend to consider –  pick your best five tracks. Now, lightly scan two tracks – just races and possible bets you may want to consider. Then go for two other tracks, and study them in good detail. The final track, work it over like a test in school. Give it all of your attention.  Now, you have a plan.

The betting – Take your best 12 races. Now, cut back to eight races. I want you to select five that get a small wager as you have studied and focused your money. The other three races get your best wagers. As you look back, you have taken your best tracks, and put them in order of how much they deserve a wager and which ones get a hammer shot. You have better focus, and a plan. You may not win every time, but now you have a shot at winning in the long run. Money management, and race selection. This allows you to watch other races for future wagers, and you will not feel tired at the end of the day tap dancing to the window to wager.

Now, just study your tier levels, and put a plan into place. I bet you’ll enjoy your day, and you’ll even become a better handicapper.

4 Responses to “Tap Dancing”

  1. Dangerous dan says:

    I agree with some things in this post. I disagree with others. Ive been Playing the ponies for a long time and one thing ive noticed over the years is the tappers as you call them. Ive even been called one by you in the past. The people who work in the industry are able to get action as easy as walking down a hall way to a betting machine and plunking money into it and making a wager. The tappers usually are looking for instant gratificationand also are usually there evryday they can.The guy that goes one day a week usually has a few plays put aside he may not tell you about. The last thing this guy wantsis someone ruining his one day at the track by the so called proffesionals who play the chalk becauae there to lazy to handicap. I Agree with the scenarios you give but the way the tracks are suffering right now ask yourself this question .As an ambassador to this sport how can this sport survive without your tap dancers as you call them. Sammy Davis juniors of this sport just might save it.

  2. Ed says:


    I can see that you have taken this personally. As far as directed at you… Not at all… My father and two cohorts are are guilty of the “tap dancing” method.

    If you read, you would have seen that I wanted to see players get the most out of their day. I see more than many, and they make that walk of shame to the car each weekend. Is it that you want action and no win, or want both ??

    Go deeper… This is no person, and there is no name attached… It was just an idea to win more. If you are familar of how a track makes money, we do not need blow-out tap dancers who will lose interest or dry up and blow away. We want you you win… Do you get that type of encouragement at the boat or casino ? NO….. They love to bleed you dry, and there will be more tap dancers right behind them.

    Racing is built on having players that will learn the game and hopefully win. We make a % off each wager, not the entire amount as a casino. No direct hit invloved here. It is just an idea. As far as tracks losing, this is temporary in some states. Kentucky will have Instant Racing coming, and Ohio has slots on the way. There are many other states that have the same models going. Give that part time…

    Just read with an open mind. I have never signaled out anyone, and never would.. It is low ball and no class. I just try and stimulate thought. There was another article I read not too long ago an article by Ed DeRosa that spoke to the backing of pick-3’s, p-4’s, and p-6’s… We want to see better players. How can a one trick pony save racing ? We need to build a new following, and the present players need to protect themselves to stay in the game…

    Good luck

  3. dangerousdan says:

    your wrong ed i really like the blog and i didnt take it personally whatsoever

  4. Bennie the Boot says:


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