Pass Or Play

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 13, 2010 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

My pal loves to play. You see that I used the word “play.” That is a word that really means I love the action. Sometimes you have to decide if you are going to play, or press your action and try to make some money.

He was down $25 bucks… He had another $50 in his bankroll, and started to get scared. He asked me if I liked anything, and I told him to wait a few races and we would dig him out of the man-made hole he dug. The pressure of making a wager to have action is the enemy of all horse players.

I came down and asked him, “do you want to string your money along 8 more bets, or try and win a few and start it over again?” He opted for plan ” B” and I told him that I loved a runner. He wasn’t going to be much in price, but for what he had lost and what he had left, it was good timing. I really didn’t just fall off of the truck, but I knew this horse was running later in the day. He wasn’t fool-proof, but sure looked like an opportunity. I told my pal to bet the $50 to win on this runner….

Well, he won…. He paid a small $4 to win, and now he was out of his hole with some to spare. Good stuff was coming his way. It was 2 races later, and I told him to make a $5 place bet. He hit again, and received a win of $10. Now he was up for the day, and said what is next? It was this time that I told him to roll up the carpet, and begin again the next day. The day was getting long, and he dug out of his hole. He now has a profit, and a new day to play. The man smiled and was happy. He finally understood what enough meant….

He asked me as he left if I liked any runners on Saturday. I do, and we can start in the afternoon again… But, when you get in the mindset of what should I do and how can I get even, you have now entered a bad zone. How can you get ahead if you are just trying to get even? He knows the patience, and what is needed to play. Just take a breath, and wait for your plays….

2 Responses to “Pass Or Play”

  1. John Martin says:

    My problem is i have no balls. last week I was doing very well cashed 7 or 8 quinellas and i was even for the day. I decided to play the late double at Del Mar and pick the 1 and 7 and the all button for the ninth it was a $36.00 ticket. I did not want to play that much and closed the box well the double played $226.00. I just need bigger balls…by the way those quinellas were all 20 and 30 dollars and 1 at $116.00….so maybe one day Ill find some BALLS

  2. Ed says:


    I don’t think it is a lack of anything….

    I always tell myself, don’t change up with what got you there… Whenever I am up, just get your final details in hand and go for it…..

    I like it that you are doing well…. Keep up the good work, and go ahead and press your day… If it fails, you can always go back to plan “B.”

    Good luck !!

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