Pass Or Play

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 13, 2010 in General Discussion | 2 Comments >>

My pal loves to play. You see that I used the word “play.” That is a word that really means I love the action. Sometimes you have to decide if you are going to play, or press your action and try to make some money.

He was down $25 bucks… He had another $50 in his bankroll, and started to get scared. He asked me if I liked anything, and I told him to wait a few races and we would dig him out of the man-made hole he dug. The pressure of making a wager to have action is the enemy of all horse players.

I came down and asked him, “do you want to string your money along 8 more bets, or try and win a few and start it over again?” He opted for plan ” B” and I told him that I loved a runner. He wasn’t going to be much in price, but for what he had lost and what he had left, it was good timing. I really didn’t just fall off of the truck, but I knew this horse was running later in the day. He wasn’t fool-proof, but sure looked like an opportunity. I told my pal to bet the $50 to win on this runner….

Well, he won…. He paid a small $4 to win, and now he was out of his hole with some to spare. Good stuff was coming his way. It was 2 races later, and I told him to make a $5 place bet. He hit again, and received a win of $10. Now he was up for the day, and said what is next? It was this time that I told him to roll up the carpet, and begin again the next day. The day was getting long, and he dug out of his hole. He now has a profit, and a new day to play. The man smiled and was happy. He finally understood what enough meant….

He asked me as he left if I liked any runners on Saturday. I do, and we can start in the afternoon again… But, when you get in the mindset of what should I do and how can I get even, you have now entered a bad zone. How can you get ahead if you are just trying to get even? He knows the patience, and what is needed to play. Just take a breath, and wait for your plays….