Good News Only

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 22, 2010 in General Discussion, News | No Comments >>

The other day I got to thinking about all of the negative things I have been reading lately. Injuries, the state of racing as a whole, and date /┬ápurse cuts at tracks. I decided that enough was enough, and it was time for some positive news. Some names you will know, others won’t be mentioned because they are private, and a little good fortune happened to me…. So, sit back and read the “Good News” today….

WinningPonies is having some interesting guests on their Thursday night program. The type of guests that are hard to reach, but when you get the opportunity to hear them, be sure to tune in… This week will be enlightening with Robert Forbeck, and next week we will have on DRF Publisher, Steven Crist along with the 3rd leading rider with wins in the country, DeShawn Parker. The show is every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST, and you may call in and join in the action. Last week we had on Dick Jerardi of the Philly News and the DRF. You can always catch up on the action with podcast.

Monmouth showed an upswing in handle and attendance, and little Kentucky Downs bucked the trend and had a solid meet in Franklin, Kentucky. Ellis Park also did well, and dates are being requested for 2011. Baby steps, just baby steps……..

Santa Anita is going back to good old Mother Nature dirt. The synthetic revolution that has plagued the track, and caused problems with horsemen, will soon be over… Let’s hope this winter gets back to the old days.

A trainer friend of mine just picked up five new horses this week in his barn…. Christmas will be good in his house….

Ohio racing is requesting dates for 2011. A few months ago it looked like lights out, and the VLT possibility is breathing new life into the state. Jobs and revenue will be created, and the sport will live to fight for years to come, if all works out in the next year. Keep your fingers crossed….

I’ll finish up with a personal note. I spent almost three days with an old friend. We went to a handicapping tournament, ate out together, and laughed about things we have not talked about in years. We didn’t do too well in the contest, but his better half allowed him a guys weekend, and gave him a pass. Thanks, Dad… I had a great time, and I hope we can do it again soon….

So, the next time you read anything in sports that is negative, flip the page, or just put it down. It is time for some good news, and it is out there. You just have to look past the headlines that grab your attention, and look deeper into the good stuff…..