A Few Years Too Soon…

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 20, 2010 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion | 14 Comments >>

I was at the Derby… I was doing a radio show in the area that would have been known as the “0ld press box.” It was nice, and situated right over the finish line, three stories up. It was a great day to work in racing.  But, then I made a mistake….

You know by now that I never refer to anyone by name unless it is in the highest, or it is public knowledge. This is only fair to all, and nobody gets their feelings hurt.. I was there in shirt and tie with some of the best writers in the world. There were radio shows from around the globe going at the same time, and it was really exciting!  I was feeling so good, that I approached one of my favorite analysts. He does football, and is called by the name of a tool… It is not wrench, pliers, or screwdriver….. You get to figure out the rest..

I came up to the gent, and kindly asked who he liked in the Kentucky Derby. I have never been star-struck, and I thought we were part of a fraternity of sorts.  His answer was, “The Europeans will dominate, and if you want to bet anything, I will book all of your action.”  He then turned, and wobbled away. I was standing there with mouth wide open, and wanted to give him a rebuttal. But, he was gone… The 24/7 news giant had gotten the best of me.

He was never sooooo wrong!!  It was after a GREAT day, and about ten beers, that I leaned over after the Derby and asked him if he meant the Preakness in two weeks… He turned red, and quickly wobbled away with a lighter pocket.

But, the story will twist a bit. Why this story came back to me was that the Breeders’ Cup ten years later may have been what he was talking about. After I saw the European runners at Woodbine this past weekend; the turf was lush, and the climate was about the same as where they travelled from, and should be the exact same at Churchill Downs on Breeders’ Cup weekend.

The final toll was 3 wins, a second, and two thirds for the Euros. Joshua Tree in the Canadian Int’l, Reggane in the E.P Taylor, and Serious Attitude in the Nearctic. They were the big stories of the day. We will be breaking down races as we head closer these next couple of weeks. But, in the meantime, be sure to check up on the major racing sites for workouts, and late injuries. I would not make up your mind until the night before, or the day of the event.  So, be sure and keep an open mind, and don’t let that last race toss you off into oblivion. Just as my friend said: “The Europeans will dominate.” I think he was right, but ten years later, and a whole other race day.