Three Guys Walk Into a Bar…

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 25, 2010 in Breeders Cup, General Discussion | No Comments >>

It was adult beverage time on a Friday. But, more importantly, three men were going to meet just like they do every year, and get ready to bankroll for the Breeders’ Cup.

The gents have been handicapping for years. They all are in the banking industry, and make their way in for a beer or two, and one of the world’s best burgers. It will be over a table full of flavor and friendship that they will begin the process. The same method that yielded them $32,000 last year, and over $70k the year before.

They break it down. Just like in business, they want the best man doing the job he enjoys. One will focus on straight bets, as he does a great majority of his wagering on straight bets. Banker #2 will work on the in-race exotics. They will be exactas, trifectas, and supers. He loves to find value, and does very well at Churchill. The last gent is no different. His resume is being the “Handicapper of the Year” in the NTRA contest. He puts together multiple tickets, and is always asked for his advice in Pick-sixes and the big carryover days.

If you add up the players, it makes for quite a weekend. They ante up $10,000 each, and don’t blink an eye. They know the secret. It is the bold and fearless that make the big scores. If you are one who likes to cry or bitch, well, you can’t pull up a seat no matter how much you bring. It was a million years ago when they lost every bet. It was Arcangues who pulled them out of the hole, and made the weekend a score.  A 133-1 shot comes home, and you can count your blessings that Jerry Bailey was in the saddle.

So, they meet again. They are talking about pre-forms showing many runners that may have a chance. It is the kind of stuff that takes you back. The back room stuff that your grandpa would have known about, or if you knew the players. You wouldn’t have talked much about the venture, or you would have found yourself looking in from the outside. It is good to know such punters. It makes you envious and excited at the same time. I sure hope they knock it out of the park this year. They won’t be going, as they bet online and want to take in every bit of the action.  No hustle and bustle, and they communicate by phone all day long. They enjoy their solitude, and the distractions that get in the way will not be a part of their day. There will be many in hats and finery of the day. But, the group of three I will refer to as the “Wise Men” will be knocking on the door with all of their might. Good luck, guys…. I love to see the good guys win…..