Method To My Madness

It is “March Madness” time, and it applies to more than just basketball. Whether it is an office pool, or a Vegas plunge, there is more action going on now than the law allows.

I have used every type of handicapping material under the sun. There are so many numbers and formulas, that you have to be a genius just to understand. If you are frustrated with hard to read, and even tougher to understand data. You are in the right place.

Since 2008, I have found a handicapping service that fits my needs. With easy to read color coded tiers, and information for every player level. I think it may be tough to go wrong with the E-Z Win Forms. Very seldom will you find data that allows you to change your selections if the track condition goes sour. If Mother Nature takes races off the turf, or that fast track turns into a sloppy-sealed oval. All you have to do is change the track condition tab, and you have a brand new set of updated E-Z Win Forms !

Most data is sent out 48-72 hours in advance, and they can’t make adjustments.  Winning Ponies shows you how they have been doing, and you can see the data for yourself. Everything is in real time, and that is good news for the player. You don’t have to search around, or jump from site to site for changes or scratches. Everything you need is one click away.

Here are a few of my favorite tools from the E-Z Win Forms. They break down the race with easy to read color coded tiers. I love to see when they have that blockbuster price in the top tier. I have won more than my share of pick-four’s by using a horse that I may have overlooked. Also, the handy icons are there to remind you of: “ Adding Blinkers, Dropping in Class, and Monster Workouts.” This has always been important as it may be the determining factor to finding that hidden nugget of information. They are always located in the top right hand corner of the E-Z Win Form, and they grab your attention before you start handicapping.

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