Run, Pass, or Drop Back and Punt?

I have two wagering loves in my life. Thoroughbred racing and football. It doesn’t matter what the level of competition, as I love to watch them. I have examined wagering on both, and I have come up with a possible game plan. Once again, it could be college ball or the Breeders’ Cup. They both set my wagering heart on fire…

Run = I have watched players from all walks. Also, I have a little experience on making a bet or two myself. When the term “run” comes to mind, I see someone selectively picking their spots. We are not necessarily looking to make the big score of the day, but just keep moving us forward. If we play it well, it could allow us to take a big shot downfield  later. The “run” game is very important. It keeps a balanced attack, and if played well, can be the opportunity that opens the door.

Pass = When things are going well, and you are playing on house money. It is time to take that shot downfield. There are times we score after being down, and the “Hail Mary” sometimes pays off. But, if the run game has been balanced, and you have planned your day accordingly. There is a greater chance of success on the day. Also, when I think of “pass” I envision a big move being made. They can be chancy, and may end your run short. But if our goal was to stay even, we should have kept our bankroll in our pocket. – If your ahead, go for the gold…

Punt = When the day feels like your chasing your tail. Or, you win two and lose three, you get three out of four in the pick-four. You know the feeling… This is when you take stock in what you have been doing, and do less of it. It doesn’t matter what you are playing, sometimes we all need to punt. This is not a sign of throwing in the towel, but it allows us time to re-adjust our plan. Punting has turned the tide of many wagering events. It is that mental timeout that can save the day. There can be a fumble that is recovered by your team, or making a few small bets that win can turn your game around.

After reading about my two loves, I am sure you can see yourself in there somewhere. It all boils down to knowing when to conservatively build up for the big move, take a shot at the big score, or when to back off. If we can stick to our game plan and not get rattled. I see success on the horizon. In both sports, we need to keep our gambling noggin tied down. There is no short cut to winning, but there is a process that allows us to see where we are in our plans. Next time at the track, or making that big sport bet, ask yourself where are you? Is it time to build slowly, double up and take a shot, or cut that bet in half and get back to doing what brought you there.

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