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by Ed Meyer

posted on September 19, 2014 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

The bevy of racing data can be daunting. Over the years, I have seen some things come and go, but the data keeps on coming. As far as handicappers, you get some folks who love the game and eat-sleep-and-drink the races. Then you get the “Weekend Warriors” who read the past performances while having ten beers at home. Either way, you get an idea of who is running and what is up for grabs. Now, how serious are you ? Do you just want some ideas about what to look for, or do you seek comprehensive data that will allow you to spend your time applying money management? Many gamblers feel if they burn the midnight oil reading every article and workout that they will have an edge. But, there are two facets of wagering that players must devote equal time. There is the handicapping portion, and then you look at your bankroll and decide how you are going to out your money in play. Many good handicappers spend all of their time on the first, and play the wagering by ear. This usually yields a minor win for the day, or leaves you losing on the day and wondering how this happened. What if I could tell you that you could spend 100% of your time on your money management and deciding on how to bet?


Over the years I have seen the (800) numbers, and how “Uncle Ted” magically would impart his racing knowledge at 99-cents a minute. Then you get the impulsive gambler who works in the industry and fires off to play. It can be great at times and then there you can’t find their selections with a  search warrant. – Something I learned the hard way is no matter how good you are with your ever-changing handicapping methods, once you put them into print. The results are never as good. Why is this? We do so well everyday and now we get our name on the marquee we drop the ball. The idea is to find a service that day-in-and day-out uses the same methods. They have a program in place that is trusted, and they put their results out there everyday. Good or bad, they want to keep the player informed. This is where you should put your trust, and utilize this handicapping tool and spend the rest of the time deciding on how you will put the information to use.

You don’t have to look too far… You are right here with Winning Ponies. The Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms have offered out some of the best wagering information over the years. I found them in 2008, and have been writing, handicapping, and winning with their information. Here are some of the methods that the E-Z Win Forms employ to make your handicapping profitable.

* The E-Z Win Forms have real time information. You get scratches, changes, and up-to-the-second track changes as they happen. Many handicappers put out their info and didn’t bother looking at the weather. Winning Ponies has their information on deck as soon as all factors have been taken into play. Others pop theirs out 72 hours in advance, and hope for the best.

* Mother Nature can be an evil force. Winning Ponies offers up a complete weather forecast for the entire day, and allows you to see if there can be any changes in the future. If the track changes, all you have to do is “click” the change of weather tab for a brand new set of E-Z Win Forms at no charge.

* They offer up a detailed rating system, and unlike many other services. They want you to understand what the Race Rating, Composite Ratings, and Turf Class Ratings mean to handicappers. Most services treat their ratings like the secret sauce at a fast food restaurant. Keep it transparent, and players trust in the what they are using. If you keep it locked in safe, they have to take your word that “Uncle Ted” and his mojo bag have the answers. But, they can’t tell you or they’ll have to charge you twice…

* If you look on the front page, there are the results of their selections. As said before, no smoke or mirrors, and there is no magic curtain to pull back. Keep it up front if you want players to know what is going on. Most data sheets charge one price, and no matter if you use one race or the entire card, you pay the full price. Winning Ponies only charges for the races that are used. Yep, you have it right. If you believe in your product and put it out there. You want players to use it to make their day a winner instead of being a one-shot “Uncle Ted” service that can be shuffling papers when you call the 1-800-number. You must have faith in any service you choose.

There are results, replays, free contests, and special offers for members. You don’t have to play everyday, and you can use the E-Z Win Forms when you are ready. If it sounds too good to be true, go ahead and give it a close look. There is a testimonial section where your voice will be heard. Winning Ponies, offers up racing stories, blogs, free selections an the Winning Ponies Internet Radio Show each and every Thursday. The biggest manes in racing are on deck as guests, and special handicappers from around the nation are special guests to bring to light the behind the scenes facts. It’s up to you. You have to believe in your data, and the time saved will allow you to decide how you are going to put the selections into play.