Is This For Real ?

We see things that make us draw a deep breath and shake our head. Did we see something special, or did we just hope for something great ? – Handicappers who watch race replays have to be very careful. If you get caught up in “wanting to see something” versus just watching the race. It can cost you more at the windows than ever expected. I have watched a few things in racing that have this handicapper pondering the outcome. Was it as good as I thought, or was it a good effort ?  – Take a look and let me know what you think.


I’ve watched some impressive fillies and mares in my 20+ years of handicapping. Every once in awhile you catch a glimpse of something so rare you question if it was as real. – When I first saw the glimpse of Rachel Alexandra it was hard to believe there could have been any gal better in history. – But when Zenyatta was at the top of her game, those same words came to mind. – I guess there are throngs of fans who could recite history, and the conversation at the bar would venture on until the wee hours of the night. – A race called the Pacific Classic took place this weekend, and I need your unbiased opinion. Is this one of the best races we’ve ever seen from a gal versus the boys ? – You be the judge.




New comers to the sport are no surprise. We have read the stud fees, and sales prices. We just sat with gaping jaws wondering who would pay that enormous amount of money for a product that was unproven. – There have been flops that would’ve bought your home 1000 times over. I was witness to one of the best performances I have ever watched in a long time by a new comer. This was not just any newbie. This young fella has some of the best parents that graced the ovals. Jess’s Dream is the son of Curlin out of Rachel Alexandra. This was what we wanted to see. – I know it’s way too early to start making plans for bigger race days, but could this be the next real deal ? – You decide.




Many players find themselves sitting behind a computer screen watching television coverage at the same time. – You can liken it to NFL fans sitting at the their computer listening to the last second injury reports from FOX Sports, or the NFL Network. – Gamblers like to get all of the info that is available, and sometimes it verges on information overload. But I digress. Here is some food for thought. – You are at your screen watching the talking heads go over the nuances of the race, and the live interviews where trainers hold their cards close to their vest. Your account is loaded, and you are ready to make one of the biggest bets of the year on Beholder when the worst thing possible happens to a gambler according to an article in the Paulick Report.


Ok, there are problems in our techno-driven world. But how much confidence will you have in your ADW provider ? It doesn’t matter the company, the rebate, or the so-called perks. – Do you have the same confidence you did before ? Things like this are happening in every sector of business around the world. We acknowledge this threat, and hope the powers-that-be are hard at work with a team of techno-wizards beating back the monster. – Gambling is one of the private things you like to keep to yourself. It is legal, regulated, and taxes are paid. Nobody said it was a shady backroom deal, but do you want others knowing what you’re doing on a Saturday afternoon ? – Most thought you were binge watching Breaking Bad, but you were hunkered down in your man cave betting the last race from Del Mar. – I have always enjoyed the ease of wagering from home, the office, or anywhere I can catch a Wi-Fi connection. – This time it was Xpressbet that was attacked, and even Twin Spires was the victim of an August 2012 security breach in which the names, email addresses, date of birth and encrypted Social Security numbers of about 20 percent of its customers were accessed by hackers. – I’m a member of Twin Spires, and they took immediate action protecting members with an insurance policy and complete coverage to limit exposure. – The bottom line, do you feel safe ? I remember working in the ADW game for a awhile, and this question tends to come up more that you realize. – If ADW’s are going to stay in business, they have to show protection and insurance coverage to quell the financial fear. The hard part is convincing players nobody will ever know their personal business or habits. – I’m going to give my ADW a break today. I’m going to try something new and see if I can get a date on Ashley Madison. What do I have to lose ? Nobody is going to find out what I’m doing.