Four Ways to Stop Gambling and Start Winning

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 17, 2015 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | 1 Comment >>

You read crap from some wanna-be writer for a big publication, or an ADW manager who thinks he or she knows the secrets of the universe. – Bull crap. – You look over their blogs, social media posts and think “if I could only be like them everything would be fine.” – Well, here is the secret sauce you’ve been waiting for, and it only costs $19.95 for the next ten callers. – They know little to nothing, and they have more bad days than good. Just like we all do. – But they still look down their noses like they are all-knowing and you stand in line buying their books. – I have worked with these people in the industry, and they are a big joke.  I’m not the end all to be all, but I admit that up front. I’ve beaten them out for jobs, taken away side work, and undercut them at what they love and still I’m not the answer. I am just like you, and I don’t pretend to be anything but a guy who loves racing more than cold beer and pizza. So for all of my peers and associates who may read or hear of the truth, buckle up tough guys here comes the truth and it may sting a little bit. You can take my horse player card a little later in the day if  you can get it out of my pocket. – I’m going to pull back the curtain and expose you to the light of truth. – The real answers have been there all along, as many have found them while others couldn’t find them in a round room with no corners.


#1 – Attitude = This is about 95% of the battle. If you don’t think you can win you won’t. Many sit back in a monotone drone and tell you everything they know. But what they won’t tell you is how they arrived at the secret sauce. They have a direct data source as their magic mojo. As I write I’m listening to the Isley Brothers. Yep, I like energy and it works. – Something I have learned working in racing, everyone is better than you at every job. They are the divine few the “Racing Gods” have crowned the elite to divine the truth. They are posers and have to take a break for their anti-anxiety meds so they can sit back and look calm. – Get hyped, be excited. That is a great start and stay away from the negative crap and people who feed off of you. This is your day, and it is up to you how you’ll do today. – Plain and simple, get stoked. We’re going to the races, not the electric chair. Be happy and get ready to win !


#2 – Money management and doing homework = There’s no secret that keeping cash in your pocket is the rule of the day. We want to be ready to fire away where we’re prepared, but it takes a day’s worth of work to set up that one big shot at taking down the score. – You need to prepare before making your first bet. You’ll know when you’re ready, and you can compare this to the many times you have walked to the car early not being ready. – Sound easy, it isn’t. – If you spend 2 hours breaking down the race card, you need equal time spent deciding how it will be wagered. This is called money management. When you are having a very good day, it’s time to double up that big bet you did your homework on. – No crazy off the wall bets at “Where’s It At Downs,” stick to your plans and do not get off task. Keep your focus, and stay away from the folks who claim to be the best. They will lose and take you right down with them. Misery loves company. – But we’re not here for that. Do your homework and employ equal time  deciding how we’re going to put it into use. – Think of the time you put in as work and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.


#3 – If you triple your bankroll it’s time to call it a day =  It doesn’t matter how much you have or what your bankroll looks like. Once you get to the point of 3X your initial bankroll, stick it in your pocket and buy a beer to celebrate. There is no such thing as the non-ending winning day. We have all got caught letting a good day slip through our fingers because we needed just one more race for fun. – Fun is winning, not watching and losing. If you disagree, take your meds and get back in line.


#4 – The secret sauce = Every handicapper has secret info behind the scenes. – Now don’t think I’m off my rocker and dislike everyone except me. Not true. – I’ve made some of the best friends in the world from racing, and one overwhelming thing I’ve noticed is they have an edge. – Data is a powerful tool. You are here on Winning Ponies and that is the best place to start. I have accessed and have viewed about every type of info in the game. They get dated and have no flexibility. When you find the data provider who allows you to visualize how the race shapes up, it is worth their weight in gold. – As I’ve said, I’ve seen everything. There is a program out there that costs an arm and a leg to subscribe monthly. It is nothing more than looking for value horses or looking to eliminate the chalk. That’s all fine and dandy, but sometimes I use the chalk when they look the best. – I like a system that identifies runners who fit and who doesn’t. They have Ratings that allow you to see where they fit in the race. When a data provider sends out info 48-72 hours in advance, that is not for your benefit. They are looking to send out mass info they hope a small percentage grabs up. – I like info that can change with the moment, and I have only found one. Winning Ponies.

The weather gets ugly, no problem. You can get a new set of E-Z Win Forms for free by clicking on the change of weather tab. You’re getting info, changes, scratches, and track conditions in real time up-to-the minute not the next day. – The Race Ratings, Composite Ratings, and Turf Class Ratings which allow you to see inside the race and how the field shapes up. – The handicapping icons have saved me a thousand times. They grab my attention right off the bat and get me thinking. You get full past performances, complete trainer / rider stats showing how they are doing on the year, meet, and how they do as team. – By my account, that sums up everything from the most popular and longest running publications and more. – Use this as your tool to begin your day. This will free you up to make wagering decisions. – If you have any doubts that the big names you read everyday do use these tools, you may be greatly mistaken. – I’ve had multiple discussions about handicapping with these folks and we always get down to wanting to handicap a card to see who does better, and of course there is always a wager. – It’s about time I come out with my $100 wager. ” How about we take every track running today and toss their name into a hat. We each draw out a track and we compare how we did at the end of the day.” – I have never had a taker as they always use the same excuse. “I’m not used to betting Finger Lakes, or Arlington. I don’t know where to begin, do you ?” – Yes, I do. I have a tool in my arsenal that allows me to be effective at tracks I never play just by following the data provided by Winning Ponies.