Who Do You Like ?

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 16, 2015 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to handicap.” – I borrowed a little from Michael Buffer, but not to worry, I won’t do it again. I was reading a gambling magazine and they were talking about Las Vegas bookmakers who picked all of the NFL games correctly versus the spread. – I know it wasn’t using one location, as I love to read how they’re doing. They were referring to a group of race and sports book managers doing battle against the spread. – There isn’t a battle royal,  but there are many punters who love to see who they select. So I got to thinking about racing fans, and what could we do to make their experience better.

Any ADW, race track, tip sheet, tout service, or data provider can take part. You’ll want to send your best people as they’ll be representing your product or service. – Oh, I heard a few folks close the door because it’s putting up where most shut up. I’m not trying to beat anyone, or stand there holding the invisible trophy. I’m thinking more along the lines of helping players do better at playing the ponies. Pari-mutuel wagering is possibly the ONLY gambling where the house wants you to win every time. The tracks, and ADW’s get a piece of the handle in a percentage that gets divided. Half goes to the purse account, and the other half goes to the tracks for: taxes, payroll, bills, improvements, and advertising. But, I digress.

How about having your track handicappers go on air for the racing channels to give out selections, and we’ll keep a detailed account on how they’re doing. If it scares you a little bit, don’t worry you’re not alone.  You’ll only be graded on how you do with your product or track. I guess we could take the top five handicappers in the country and have them on for Breeders’ Cup if you like, but I was thinking more in terms of giving your players and anyone who wants to follow your signal the very best information to assist in handicapping. There’s no real competition, or is there ? If you’re doing very well and your numbers reflect. I think we’ll see more folks tuned into your track.

I bet we’ll see less pretty people (not to say they can’t handicap) and we’ll have the tried and true gamblers who speak the language you want to hear. – For me, I don’t care if you’re on America’s Prettiest. I want the guy or gal who pulls up a chair and deals from the top. Folks who know the  racing product  and what you should be focused on playing. – Get rid of the folks who talk the night away giving away eight horses per race. I want to know who you think looks good and why. – It’s a tough game, and why should we pay attention if you’re not willing to be held accountable. There is no occupation in the world where people can do poorly and keep their position over the long haul. – I’m not much of a bragger or B/S artist, and if I tell you I like a horse, rest assured I have some cash on them.

As you read, you are looking at a site where the results are put up as soon as the race is official. You have the ability (good or bad) to see the E-Z Win tier selections and how they finished. I don’t know many data providers who tackle that head on. As of right now, there have been $11,936,627 in exotic prediction payouts in 2015. We only hope you were along for the ride as the numbers speak for themselves. Matter of fact, go out and see how many racing data providers show who they picked and post results in real time. – I’m not saying there’re not out there, but they are pretty darn tough to find. I’ve been part of the Winning Ponies team since 2008, and they have always strived to give the player every advantage. – No handicapping battle royal, just giving players any edge they can use with making solid decisions. I would watch tracks no matter which if they had solid handicappers talking about the game. What they feel is important in playing their oval as they are all different, and the little biases that may be coming as weather is going to be a factor. I want folks who back up what they say and we’ll see the results as they happen. Racing wants you to win every race. Ask the blackjack dealer or the pit boss if the casino feels the same.