Reflections on The First Half of 2016

We pass by the mirror in the morning¬†and give it a glance. Yesterday was the 1/2 way mark for the year, and it’s time to take stock in what we’re doing. – Did we keep our New Year’s resolution or did we quit the gym two weeks later ? – Was this the year we were going to find our soul mate and start living, or did we just keep doing the same routine expecting a different result ? – The mirror is a cruel and heartless bastard. It reflects only what is truly there, and unless you’re in a funhouse attraction, it only shows us the truth. – Gambling is the same. Where are you on your quest. Did you qualify for the big contest ? Did you hit the big pick-six ? – Are you keeping better records to allow you better prepare ? – Did you find your handicapping data that gives you the edge above all others ? – Most probably most of us will answer no. But it’s not too late. We’re only at the half way mark in the year and we still have the best racing to come. Who cares if the report card was not up to expectations. We still have plenty of time and there is no better time than the present.


Find the data that gives you an edge. – Plain and simple this is the secret of all the big players. They all subscribe to a service that allows them to find the hidden nuggets of gold buried deep in the info. Real players don’t want to be told to bet the 1,2,8 in the 8th race. They want to have tools to allow them to fine tune their abilities. – Finding the data provider that is easy to use, rates the field with an unbiased eye, and shows you a good place to start. – This one is an easy fix. You are already right here with Winning Ponies and the E-Z Win Forms are an excellent addition to your handicapping tool box. – The best players want the best tools to work with so look no further and begin the second half of the year on a winning note. There has been $5,482,859 in exotic payouts to date and some of the best racing of the year is just ahead.


How are your horses to watch doing ? – If you haven’t started, no big deal. Every Monday I like to put out a few runners to watch. I call them “problem ponies” as they had a bad start, took up off heels, or just had a compromised trip. – Trip handicapping is one of the best tools of gamblers, and going back as far as the late-great Pittsburgh Phil.¬† – “Successful handicappers know every detail in regard to the horses upon which they are intending to place their money. – Watch all the horses racing closely. You may see something that will be of benefit later on.”


How are your notes coming along ? – Did you keep copious notes on the races, or did you toss it aside and try and go by memory ? – We all fall into category #2, because category #1 is where the winners live. They live and die by their notes and it is a must for all handicappers to start the day with a ledger and pen. Know how much you wagered, where you played, was there a bias ? – You can’t remember everything, and unless you have an Einstein IQ, you’re going to miss that one little detail that will make all the difference in your day. – Good players use them to the best of their ability as they don’t want to miss a single detail. Big winning is not done in bold wide strokes, it’s found in the smallest of details that elude the masses.