Going Back to the Basics

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There are good days, great days, and ones you would rather forget about. For me, the most painful losses used to be getting snapped right at the wire. You know the feeling where you have the lead and even start believing you may hang on as the wire is coming. Only after what seems a small eternity the photo sign goes down and your number is in 2nd. – The early gray hair started coming in quicker and before you know it you start looking like the longtime trackers who make it day-in-day-out. The photo pain takes a toll, but the one time you hang on in the shadow of the wire it makes you forget a hundred losses. Victory is such sweetness.


Lately, I have given myself a new nickname. – Ladies and gents, pleased to meet your acquaintance. “I’m Mr. 3 outta’ 4.” – This has been going on for a couple of weeks, and I’ve started to question everything I’ve been doing. – I was just about to give up and take a break when a buddy of mine gave me sage-like wisdom. – ” When you are in a slump or barely miss you play your way out.” – Now, this I have heard, learned, and have employed over the years. – But this time it was for big bucks every time and you find yourself being flinchy when the punches start to fly. This is normal and you can only take so many shots before you start doubting your own moves. – It’s not as bad as the old movie shown above, but that movie poster fits my mental state of mind as of late.

This time I decided to follow the old pee-wee football advice. “Don’t get too fancy, just stick to the basics.” – This is when I reached into my black bag of handicapping tricks and came out with an old friend that has helped me outta’ of the corner many times. – I started making small to medium size place bets. You won’t get rich but you’ll start paying a little closer attention to details you may have forgotten. – When you make a larger pick-four or pick-three ticket you have to have a sizeable bankroll and be ready to go all-in. When you start making the manageable place wagers your confidence begins to come back. – Think of it like a baseball player who is not doing well at the plate. He goes back to the basics and wants to make contact with the ball. Then you try and place the ball. After that, you go back to swinging away. Every once in awhile we all need to go back to the basics and find the groove.

The place bets started rolling and was going home with a $50 – $100 more on the day. I’m getting back in the groove and I think I’m going to keep this pace for awhile. I have been enjoying the races, and I’m feeling my groove again. – The marquee races fill the weekend and the big runners will be going to post soon. This capper will stick to his knitting and stay on course. – I’ll know when it’s time to pull the trigger. Nothing like looking for the big score in a $1 million dollar pick-four pool, but I’ll keep to task and be ready when the mood hits.


Best of luck, and may all your photos be winners….