You Make the Call

This past weekend was chock-full of solid racing action. If you didn’t like the outcomes, that can be up for debate at any track, OTB or gathering of gamblers. As we draw closer to the big dance in Louisville, every passing week will be loaded with marquee events and top-notch action.


This past weekend there was a controversial DQ. It was the San Felipe stakes and has been on the minds of horseplayers from all walks. There is talk of this re-match coming back for round two in the Santa Anita Derby. If I were sitting in the owner’s box with my name on the program, I would dodge this dogfight at all cost. They’ll meet up again, and this last race was in need of a vacation for all involved. As soon as the race was over, McKinzie was a head in front only to be undone by the steward’s decision. – It happens, but this time it happened to this punter. – If you haven’t watched, take a look for yourself. – I bet McKinzie, and my runner surely deserved to be taken down. Bolt D’ Oro was pretty gutsy all the way when the real running began.- Take a look for yourself:



Before I talk too much smack, the call was correct in the eyes and wallet of this handicapper. Baffert will come out on top about 90%, and this was one he didn’t. Mike Smith will thank God more times than not in the winner’s circle, but just not this time. – The stewards got the call correct, and this handicapper will take it on the chin and smile. – That’s racing. – But if you’re a Beyer fan, you have to love the 101 for the top two. The race showed two tough guys square off and the road to the Derby will be a little more exciting if these guys stay healthy. – If all this comes to Louisville, I think we’ll be treated to an exciting rematch. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!