Three Reasons Not to Lose Your Bankroll on Big Races


When the big time marquee races arrive sometimes we lose our head. I’m just as guilty and it bites me a few times a year. – I guess we just can’t help ourselves wanting to get into the game early. – But rest assured, there is still plenty of time to look for the big score and get that bankroll rolling.


#1 = Every weekend from here until early April we will have an opportunity to take a good shot. Don’t rush the process and be sure to start paying attention to the works and keep up with Derby doings.  You can find them in every publication that covers horse racing and swing on over to YouTube for updated works that are caught on video in the morning. – All good info for the player looking for an edge.


#2 = If you’re not a pick-six player don’t start now. – I have found that cutting back a step offers great value. If you like to jump into a pick-five, make it a pick-four. If you enjoy a stab at a pick-four, drop back and punt to a pick-three. – I lost an opening leg of a pick-four a few weeks ago playing a track I normally don’t wager. BOOM! – I’m out in round one. – So I decided to follow the rest of my ticket in a pick-three and scored for over $580. – I won some money and covered my losses. I’ll take that any day of the week.


#3 = In the big races, don’t be afraid to make a plunge or two on runners that need the points. – Last year I took a few shots and it paid off. I stayed away from the low price runners who already had enough points to secure a spot in the gate. – Why would they blow out the energy and take away from the plan to Louisville? – I watched more 3-5 shots run a game second and get a good move over the track not taking away energy. Why would they? They have the points and know where they’ll be the first Saturday in May. Before you say it’s about the money,  they’ll stand to make tons more in the breeding shed versus getting a $300,000 payday. – Keep in mind that everyone is bringing their “A” game and want to make the starting gate. – Keep a close eye on the Derby points as it should be around 34-38 points to make the starting gate.


The top three reasons may seem obvious to some. But if you find yourself guessing and wondering why you’re stabbing at the big payday only to come up short. Give them a read again.  – Nothing like going back to the basics or reexamining what we may be doing wrong. – I have found that the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms have helped me break down the process. They eliminate runners with their one-of-a-kind tier levels and point out facts that may have been overlooked. Always a great tool for every handicapper to keep in the toolbox and have been extremely effective for me at the windows. – This weekend we’ll have all eyes focused on the Big Easy. Fair Grounds will have  8 stakes / 4 graded / featuring the G2 Louisana Derby and the G2 Fair Grounds Oaks. So mark your calendar and be sure to check back on Friday for some free selections that will be sure to get your inner handicapper excited for the big day!  – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!