Family Fun !

Racetracks do not have the feel of your grandpa’s place anymore. – Where there was once a smoke-filled grandstand has been replaced by a more friendly environment. If you doubt my words, just pack the kiddies in the car and make the trek. You may be surprised.

Kids at the track back in the day was a pain in the butt for other gamblers. They didn’t come to hear kids asking for ice cream or when were we leaving? – These were the days of old. Now when you walk in the track you may see families enjoying the day at the races.  – Why not? There’s nothing to hide except a day of fun and getting up close to the action.

Tracks are having special family fun days. The track I work offers this Sunday-Funday the last Sunday of the month. It has inflatable rides, free ice cream and popcorn, games and face painting, and a petting zoo. Not too bad for a day at the races if you ask me. – The change is to bring people closer to the action and have a little something for everyone to enjoy. – Some may argue this is a ploy to create kids into a growing class of next-generation gamblers. – Not the case. Tracks are showcasing the facility in a new light. It’s not that smoke-filled venue anymore. Matter of fact most if not all tracks have non-smoking areas where the family is free from smelling like a Dutch Master cigar.

I think it’s a great idea and kids naturally fit in well with animals. – How many places can kids walk up to the rail and feed the out-riding ponies peppermints? Not many. – There are some youngsters where this may be their only opportunity to be close and friendly with these majestic animals. They may get to see fast Thoroughbreds whizzing past going 40 mph, or maybe it’s the jockey who hands the kids a pair or two of his racing goggles. Picture opportunities and a day where mom and dad can bring the kids to something they enjoy. What’s wrong with this? – Nothing. Unless you’re not much into having fun.

I have about 20 or so kids stop up to the booth each year and I let them put the headsets on and sit in the big chair. – They get to make an announcement, and when they hear themselves over the sound system their eyes just light up. Even Mom and Dad have had the same feeling believe it or not when I push the button and they come out loud and clear. – Just having fun. That’s what it’s all about. – Tracks are not the place where the whirl of gamblers jet in and out of betting lines and smoke em’ if they got em’. There’s a kinder feel, and if you’re anywhere near Belterra Park the last Sunday of each month make the trek and enjoy the day. – You can even stop up and make an announcement or two. I keep hats and candy upstairs and kids have a little keepsake to remind them of a fun day out with Mom and Dad.

C’mon out and see for yourself. It’s good clean fun and who knows. Maybe the kids will be asking Mom and Dad when they can go back again. – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!