He’s Just That Damn Good

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 1, 2018 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

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Some things are over buffered with big words, fireworks, and smoke. – Who can blame you when you feel so emphatic about anything? – On Memorial Day of this year, I saw something take place I’ve seen a thousand times before and still was amazed. Well, maybe not 1,000 times; 6,927 times would sum it up more precisely.

He had a win on the card and it was a perfect early summer day. Fans in the stands, children with ice cream, and bettors hunkered around the paddock looking to pick up any small note of a winner. It was another day at the races. – It was the 6th race and his mount was the odds-on favorite. – Perry Wayne Ouzts from Lepanto, Arkansas was plying his trade ever since he did for the first time at Beulah Park in 1973 with Rablu. – He had a speedy runner for his go-to-trainer Larry Smith. He looked as tough as a nickel steak.

Ouzts broke sharply but dropped back quickly like his legs had frozen. – The horse’s saddle slipped and he bucked off Ouzts like a bronco. (Maybe one you’ll want to keep on your shortlist). – He came back to the paddock and into the jocks room. Nothing big, just another day at the office. – Riders wait until 12 minutes to post to stand outside waiting to be called to the horses. But there was one little man dressed for next race early. He was just standing by himself like many times before. – When they were called down, his 63-yr-old body ran down the stairs and right to his mount. – He was ready, and it was just a bump in the road the last race.

Perry Wayne Ouzts went wire-to-wire and was “tons the best” according to the Equibase charts. He was. – He came right back for the 8th and final and did the exact same thing. – I watched with eagle eyes and could see he was pissed. Not because he hit the ground, he just hates to lose. – He took the last race in the same fashion and powered home to win by nine. – It was just another day at the office as he notched another “hat-trick” for three wins on the card.

He has 6,927 career wins. – I called him when he reached 6,900 to congratulate him. He said; ” Ed, I’m going to get 7,000 right here this summer. I’m gonna’ get it.” – For a man who speaks rarely, this was War and Peace being recited. – We have 73 days left in the meet and needs 73 wins to get his 7,000. – At first, I doubted he would have enough time, but after watching him hit the ground and pop-up to nail the next two. I’d bet dollars to donuts he’ll get his record. – If you like to root for one of the good guys, you have a jockey you should be watching (and wagering) on every time he hits the track. He’s on a mission, and Father Time doesn’t scare him one little bit. – He’s still that kid from Lepanto. You can see that every time he slowly walks his horse into the winner’s circle. He savors it like a fine wine or a steak at a New York 5-star. He’s humble and quiet and lets his horses do the talking. He won his first race in 73′; we have 73 days left in the meet, and he needs 73 wins to get his next milestone.