The Happy Horseplayer




The summer is in full swing as heat and humidity replaced the snow and cold. – No complaints from this end. – There’s a great deal going on in my world of racing and life. The month of July is special and hopefully, it will hold a lucky streak at the windows as well.

We’ll kick the month off with my birthday on Sunday, July 1st. – I look at birthdays for little kids and old folks. Neither fits, but I’ll celebrate this one with gratitude. – It’s been a rough 8 months, but things are looking good. I’m grateful for health, family and friends. If a winner or two comes my way I’ll accept it with a smile on my face. – This year is special. I’m grateful and content. I have a good son, my family is with me and friends who greet me with open arms. – What more could a man ask for? – If you’re celebrating a birthday this month, enjoy your day and be thankful for all the wonderful moments.

Perry Ouzts has a birthday as well on 7/7/18 – He will be 64 years young. – He’s a long way from Lepanto, Arkansas and 6,942 wins under his belt on his way to 7,000. – Perry still knows how to get a horse to break sharp and grab the lead. He rides like that young kid at Beulah in 1973 when he had his first winner aboard Rablu. – With every win, he slowly jogs his horse back to the winner’s circle enjoying every step. You can see it on his face as it’s another day at the office doing what he does best. – Happy Birthday, “Scoot n Boot.” – Long may you ride!

As New York gets ready to open Saratoga. I have to admit it has become one of my favorite tracks. – They call it “The Graveyard of Favorites,” and can be tough to cash if you’re a chalk player. – It runs in trends and you can have a $3.20 winner then the next lights up the tote board. – I’ve had a lot of luck with the Ortiz brothers, John Velasquez, Manny Franco and Jose Lezcano aboard a couple live longshots. – As we draw closer I’ll keep you up to speed with free selections and hot riders and horses to watch. – The Spaaaaah is coming soon, and get your bankroll ready.

As we enjoy the summer sun on ourĀ face. Make this the month you take someone new to the races. – There is nothing like sharing the experience with a youngster or a racing fan who hasn’t been to the track in awhile. Take the time and make your way down to the paddock. Watch them warm up on the track and take a few photos of the day. You’ll look back with fond memories. – I still do every day I walk into the races. – I can still see that young man walking with his dad in the summer sun rooting for claimers at River Downs. There’s not a day I don’t think of the fun we had. He showed me the beauty and pagentry, and especially the one-of-a-kind action that only horse racing provides. – I’ve taken my son a handful of times and he enjoyed his trips. He just didn’t take to it like I did with my dad, but times have changed. – Call that old friend and get together. There’s nothing like racing in the summer. You better hurry because it won’t last forever. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!