The Happy Horseplayer

It’s that time of the month where the H.H. checks in and lets you know what’s going on in the world of a happy gambler. – There is plenty of housekeeping that needs to be tended as we enjoy summer racing and prepare for the fall meets just around the corner. So far so good, and the racing has been better than the law allows. – Get out and spend a day at the races. It’s time to fall in love all over again.


Warrior update

At my little oval, there are two warrior riders who are approaching a huge milestone. – Edgar Paucar has 2,999 wins as of today and has 11 mounts over the next three days. I’m pretty sure he’s going to get his 3,000 career win at Mountaineer. There are many who argue on social media about where he should get it, but that’s not important. The Peruvian rider has had a wonderful career and its far from over. It doesn’t matter where he gets it as long as he nails down the big number. – Edgar, all of your fans at Belterra are rooting for you and we hope you get the 1,000 lb. boulder off your back. It will be a great day to reach this huge milestone. – Good luck!

Perry Wayne Ouzts is 64-years-young and has 6,965 career wins. – I’ve been watching him ride since I was a young man and to think he is only 35 wins away from career win 7,000 is pretty exciting. – I guess this is old hat at the big tracks, but it’s rare to have the 9th all-time leading rider in your own backyard. – I sure hope Perry reaches this next goal as the meet ends on September 30th. – He has enough time, and we need to see him reel off a couple days where he takes down a hat-trick. He’s done it plenty, and after he told me he was going to get it this summer I’ve been watching with anticipation.


Horse Watch

It is that time of year where we clear out files on horses-to-watch. – There are plenty of places for free that offer a stable alert and will email you when they are running or have worked. – Great thing to have at your fingertips and no more carrying around a bunched up list of runners in your pocket. – I just spent an hour clearing mine and updating a few. – Take a few minutes and work on yours or sign up and take advantage of this great free service. – Trip handicapping is one of the best ways to follow your horse back to the winner’s circle.


A Run of Good Luck

I’m not bragging but I’ve had a good run of luck lately. – Actually more than my average days. I’ve been betting in my ADW account and when I win I withdraw the funds immediately. – This way I can pay some bills, get my son ready for his senior year in high school. – I think more players leave the money in their¬†accounts and just let it accumulate. I liken it to gamblers at casino tables who allow the $25 chips to stack up and not trade them in for $100 chips that go in your top pocket. That was always my idea of trying to leave with some house money and I’ve been keeping up-to-speed with my betting account.¬† You’ll never know what you had unless you pull out some money and enjoy the check when it arrives. – The “Wagering Gods” smile down on upon you and it is your responsibility to handle the money management end. Nothing lasts forever and it’s in your best interest to take them out and start over. – Best of luck when playing the races!


This is the Happy Horseplayer wishing you the best of luck. – Take some time and enjoy the game. Walk down to the paddock and see the sport up close. I’ve never been on the field for an NFL game and this allows you to be close enough to enjoy the sights and smells. Nothing like it. – Every race is a gift and if you don’t win there’s always next time. Just enjoy the races and allow the sun to beam down on your face. If you don’t like a runner in this race, skip it and go get an ice cream and watch. Think of it as a scouting mission and you’re planning for future races. – As always, best of luck and enjoy. Be sure to call up an old friend and get together for a day watching the ponies. It’s time well spent and you’ll look forward to the next trip. – Until next month, may your photos be winners and your losses be few.