Selective Aggression

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 24, 2018 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | 2 Comments >>

You’re probably thinking about a bully taking your milk money. Not the case. – I’m talking about “reaching in your jeans and pulling out greens” to make your wager. – You came to play and not to watch. – This doesn’t mean firing away at every signal that goes to post but making the bets you prepared for. – There’s no fun watching from the sidelines all day, and fortune favors the bold.


Preparing for war

Well, maybe not so dramatic as war. But you should think of playing as a strategic method to employ your dollars. – Maybe chess is better as it pays for you to think out your next move. – Generals used the cerebral game to teach military strategy and you can think of selectively playing the same way.


Patience is power

I am as guilty as the next gambler. We have a few extra bucks and shoot for a little extra action. – This will be your undoing in the long run. By keeping your head and waiting for your play, you’ll find your groove. – If a batter took a swing at every single pitch that left the pitcher’s hand he’d find himself on the bench wondering what happened. – With patience comes well thought out decisions. – When you find yourself wanting to make a bet just because horses are walking to the starting gate. This is a sign to stay in your seat. Chasing the action is a sign you’ll be walking to the car shortly.


What’s your sign?

No, we’re not asking if you’re a Leo. I’m talking about the signs that grab your gambling attention. – Change in track conditions? Dropping in class? Equipment changes? Moving to a top rider? – These are signs when used with handicapping that make your day a winner. – We all have little signs we look for in a race and to each his own. There are no sure-fire signs to look for and only over time do we find our personal favorites. – I know players who hate a sloppy track and call it a day when the skies open up. For me, when they come off the turf I’m passing. – Or, if there is a pronounced bias and you still can’t see the edge. Wrap up your day early. There will be others that have your name on it.


Tap dancing

The “dancer” is one who jumps from race to race for the sake of action. – There will be some good days, but in the long run, you’ll be watching your bankroll disappear. – If you watch closely, you’ll see this player walking quickly to the windows with a wild-eyed look. Stear clear and you’ll be just fine.


Playing aggressively 

The horse you like finally takes the track. – You’re getting the price you find acceptable, and from your perspective, all systems go. – Now, the only thing left is to make the wager. – It’s easy to say just fire away, and it takes a little more than that. – If you spend 15 minutes finding your runner you should spend the same amount of time deciding on how to use your dollars. – Should we go with straight bets? Use this good thing in exotics? Try and find value wagers? – These are the things you should be doing when preparing with patience and looking for the signs you find effective. – There is nothing wrong with using the “all” button as long as your bankroll allows. Over the years, I find it more exciting to make a couple good wagers than many small ones. Your gambling batting average will be better, and you’ll enjoy the process. – There is nothing more rewarding than searching for a runner, finding it, and making the right moves.

This is playing aggressively. Not sloppy, but aggressive in the sense where you employ your wagering plans. – Many are happy dancing the day away and tell you they love the action. – But in reality, they just lack the discipline to focus on the bigger picture. – Playing aggressively is following through on the game plan you’ve set in place. – Many play from home, and I’m in this group as well. But make yourself go to the track every so often – This is where you learned to play, and if you’re going to have 8 days a month you wager, make two of those at the track, OTB, or parlor. – This will give you the sights and the sounds only the track can provide. Believe it or not, it keeps you sharp. – You are more aware of the time between races and use your skills in an effective time fashion. – Sitting in front of the screen at home is easier, but it takes away your sensual experience of gambling. – How many casinos have a special section where you are in a room by yourself betting? None. – Believe it or not, we are social creatures when it comes to gambling. It’s good to get out and about every few trips and just be around the swirl of humanity. You decide which days are better for you and put it to use. – Here are a few things I do before playing at home or going to the track:


1. – Prepare in advance

2. – Be the weatherman and know the forecast where you are playing.

3. – Know your bankroll and set a time limit on how long you’re going to play.

4. – How much is enough? – Set a limit on what you would consider a winning day and stick to it.

5. – If you love ten races – Pick five to six that are best. – From those, choose the best four and go to work. – Being selective works.

6. – If you’re skipping a race, use this time to handicap and plan.

7. – Know your limit. – If you’ve tripled your bankroll of $50, call it a day. – I use the 3x method and it has worked better than playing with no limits. – The only time I toss this is playing pick-three’s or pick-fours. We don’t know what they could pay and once they are wagered the bet cannot be taken back. Only the amount you put into the wager. – I have a good friend who will wrap up the day when “Old Ben” shows up in his wallet ( He won $100). – It works, trust me.