The Happy Horseplayer – February

by Ed Meyer

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“Sometimes we get the bear and sometimes the bear gets us.” – The Big Lebowski – Over the past year I have spoken of illness, rehab, and wellness. – Well, the sweet taste of being whole has taken a detour again. – There is no winning day that could ever compare with the feeling of good health. But, as the “Happy Horseplayer” always says; this too shall pass. – In keeping up with every gambler worth their salt. I’m looking forward to the next marquee race.


Winter Time Racing

As with every passing season, you need to attack winter with a vengeance. – Just because it’s not sunny and 70 doesn’t mean there’s no brass ring to be had. – If you like Polytrack, play the synthetic ovals. They typically have a more speed favoring slant and unless you get a good and dampened oval you’ll be playing a winner who is no more than four lengths off the leader. – They kinda’ just gallop and bounce off the synthetic like turf. But unlike turf not many come from the back of the pack. – Once you start your mindset there you’ll be more effective in the long run even though there is that rare “Silky Sullivan” who comes rolling late.

I personally love Aqueduct and Gulfstream. – The “Big A” has a special charm and a longtime name of trainers who target the meet. There have been a handful of riders who hold all the cards and overall the track can play mild to closers. Speed can wire them if left alone soft and for me that offers up a wide array of betting opportunities. – Gulfstream has the lush deep greensward and with every passing race, the action just gets hotter. – GP has my heart every weekend and Aqueduct gets some power spot plays. – California is great and for me offers up some incredible turf wagering. – But with each passing weekend, the runners get tougher and showcase us the big timers who will be there the first Saturday in May.


Skip Days

Just like back in school, it’s good to have a “skip” day due to weather. – Don’t force yourself to bet just to have a wager. – Impulse never really helped any bankroll, and you’ll find yourself fighting to get it back by the end of the day. – How many players did their homework, started the day, and plotted their wagers only to try and break even? Nobody. – You don’t need the minus temps, skip a day. You really don’t care that California has a rainy muddy ooze. Skip a day – There will be plenty of others to play and this goes for Oaklawn, Fair Grounds, Aqueduct, and Gulfstream. – Just because they are running doesn’t mean we have to play. – Wait your turn to get in the game. It will pay off in the long run.


Remember this last article quote? 


After leaving money on the table I lost my desire to play any more. – I had a dream of rolling up a little bankroll and sending it flying on the New England Patriots at minus 2.5. – Go ahead and jump on board as I’m still steaming for my lack of follow through with the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – I’ll watch the game, but there will be no betting on the big game. – Why should I ? – I didn’t use my handicapping weapon of choice to make my day. – Just keep it in mind when you see Tom Brady hoisting the trophy there was a horseplayer who should have used the day as a bankroll builder.”

This was from my last entry where I was sent to the sidelines forced to watch after not using my Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – I had a couple of very nice plays but opted not to follow through with my full plans. – I was even going to make a wager on New England as you’ll see, and we all know how that turned out by now. – Just a seasoned gambler who did not follow his own plans.

But, it’s not too late to start off this new year with your E-Z Win Forms. They are incredible for spot plays, finding price payoffs, or having a solid day at the races. – If you like to “speculate” a little and bounce around a few tracks outside of your normal bounds the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms can be worth their weight in gold. – They showcase how the race will take shape and where runners really belong in the event. – If I would have had just followed through from my last entry you would be reading about a sweet weekend payout. But instead, a gambler who steams on the sideline. – It’s never too late to get right back on the train and start chugging down the tracks to prosperity. Feels good, builds your bankroll and makes playing the races more fun.


As I find myself on the mend you will be seeing more free daily selections and sweet pick four plans for the weekends ahead. – Time can be a great ally when using it to your best advantage. – You’ll be seeing them pop up and hopefully pull off a big score. – Use the free selections as an appetizer and the E-Z Win Forms as the entree. – As we push through the cold and the damp it is only 81 days and two hours until the Kentucky Derby. So what do you say? – You feel like an early start to a huge bankroll builder? – Best of luck from the Happy Horseplayer.