Remember Your First?

I surely do and it brings a smile from ear-to-ear. – Every time I think about it makes me yearn for days gone by. – I thought I had done quite a bit until I experienced my first.


I was doing a radio show and had my credentials for Churchill Downs. – I studied all night and had my bets ready in advance. – The radio show stuff was ready all week. It was full of quotes and quips and chock packed full of history. I couldn’t sleep and ready to roll to the track.

I stepped into the elevator and went to the old press box. Most would have thought “old” meant broke down and shanty. – When I stepped off into the bright room I walked past pictures of every racing scribe since the first Derby. I couldn’t believe my eyes and boy had I arrived.

There was a huge buffet and it was 10 feet from where I did the show. Right next was a bevy of clerks ready to do battle with the day. It was incredible and I thought it couldn’t get any better. – That was until I walked outside and we were right on the finish line or as close as possible. The sun was bright and the day was perfect. I was looking six floors down at the track and had everything I could ever ask for. – As the producer was setting up I looked around and saw radio stations from around the world set up for a live show of the Derby. – When “Hammerin” Hank Goldberg came down the steps and had his set up right across mine I knew I had arrived. – Meeting him was a mixed feeling as he acted a little snobby. – He said; “they won’t beat the Europeans today and you can toss your tickets if bet against them.” – After I had the winner and it wasn’t from Europe, I did let Hank know after my fourth beer.

If you’ve never been. Go – I guess it’s easy to say but on one day a year everyone is a horse racing fan. – You’ve never heard anything until you hear 100,000 voices singing my “Old Kentucky Home.” Looked upon the glorious roses while sipping on a traditional julep. – Watching a beautiful animal provide entertainment for the day. – Yeah, there’s nothing like the Derby. – I won’t be making the trek this year but the future looks bright ahead.

Best of luck from Winning Ponies!