The Happy Horseplayer – End of Summer

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 2, 2019 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | 1 Comment >>

” I can feel the cooler winds making their way in. – Summer is over.” – The Flamingo Kid


From the movie back in my younger years was the tale of gin playing moneymen at an exclusive club at the beach. – It was a great movie of a kid trying to find himself in the last summer before college. He got to watch and learn the ways of the game of life. – That still resonates in my heart as Labor Day is upon.

The Happy Horseplayer was just talking about the summer ovals ready to swing open and now they’re closing for the season. – Horseplayers don’t need a calendar, we can tell you what month and week it is by which tracks are open and what races are taking place.



I love the place and it’s more than a bucket list wish. I’ve never made the trip, but I’ll get there sooner than later. Just not this year. – The Spa was good to the H.H., but it also hurt worse than an anvil on my noggin. – I set a personal record for 3 outta’ 4 in the pick-fours. – I know, close but no cigar. Right church, wrong pew. Yadda, yadda, yadda. – Loved the action, and it offered up some sweet payoffs. I followed the action and it entertained me more than the law allowed.

Tomorrow, they will swing the gates closed and we’ll start talking about Keeneland and Belmont soon. – Breeders’ Cup talk will begin and before you know it we’ll be looking forward to winter ovals as the process starts over again.¬† – For my friends I watched some races with, thank you for getting together. For the friends who won’t be around this way anymore; you we’re missed more than you knew.

One more day and summer officially draws the curtains. – I sure enjoyed the action and look forward to more down the road. – Nothing like watching live racing as the summer sun gives off a warm glow.



Racing is gonna change. It has many new chapters, so don’t give up just yet. – The 1% who still love horse racing as their favorite sport will grow. – Horse racing is gonna get a shot in the arm with VLT machines, sports gambling, and other forms of new gaming. – This isn’t your grandpa’s game anymore. – There are changes coming with the use of drugs, whips, and track surfaces – Trust me, I have¬†been working in racing the majority of my career and haven’t heard changes like these.

This will not happen overnight, and you need to have patience. – I think racing is drawing closer to having a governing body for the entire country. – Just like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR. For too long there have been many sets of rules instead of an agreed-upon document that governs the sport. – It allows players to know the rules and won’t change from state-to-state. It will be the same at Arapahoe Park or Gulfstream.

Horse racing is not dead, but it has been given a standing eight count. – That is the time to summon your strength and come out swinging or toss in the towel. – I’m leaning toward the former and have confidence we’ll come together sooner rather than later. Times have changed and so has gaming. – We need to look in the mirror and decide if we’re willing to make the needed changes for future growth.


Tracks have tried everything, and I’m here to let you know they’ve done a pretty good job at trying to bring in new patrons. – Keep up the good work with dollar nights with cheap beer, dollar wagers, and bands for entertainment. I love the family days where you bring everyone out to enjoy the beauty and pageantry of the sport. – Doggie races, camel races, and sumo wrestling in the winner’s circle have been fun to watch. – I have to give tracks great credit for going the extra mile but don’t stop now. It’s just getting started and new fans can be grown by showcasing your facility. – Don’t rest on your butts. Keep it coming and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Keep it clean, reasonably priced good food, and free parking and admission. – That brings them in the doors and there is nothing like a dollar beer and hot dog to get the night going. – Management needs to be on the scene. That means get out and know your players, guests, and patrons. No matter if your a stand-alone track, OTB, or racino. Gamblers love to be recognized and appreciated. – Tracks need to utilize social media, flyers, and announcements. Add in a personal visit with players and the word gets out. You’re here to stay and what they have to say means the most. Act as if your job depends on this. – It actually does.


Until next month, may your winners be many and your photos are few! – Best of luck from the Happy Horseplayer!