Everyone Into the Pool!

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 6, 2020 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>



When you hit this pool leave your suit and towel in the car. – I’m talking about a swelled wager where many come together and pool monies. – It can be used for that giant pick-six or pick-four pool. It’s fun to win but more exciting to win as a group. Come on in, the pool is fine…

You’ll see this type of wager on your favorite ADW and it’s usually on the Triple Crown races or the Breeders’ Cup. – The carryover is swelled and your monies only make the pool bigger. – I have to admit I’ve bought in for small shares in the past and it is fun. Once I put in $10 and my return was $140! Not a bad return at all.

My only question is why don’t you see this at race tracks? – You have a big carryover and you can buy in for shares. – Try making it a $10 minimum buy-in for a slice of the big action. – The track handicapper makes the selections and the ticket is posted on video screens and announced by the track handicapper. – ADW’s can jump in and your folks on track can take a shot at the big payoff. – Your ticket will reflect how much of a percentage you’ll take down if the wager wins. – Sound fun?

I spoke to a few decent players and they loved the idea. – All at one time or another have taken a shot betting from home. – The track handicappers can be the morning line odds-maker and the track announcer. – The ADW’s do this with folks who post selections on their site. – It’s a cheap way to get involved at a large payout and you can bet the minimum or go bigger if you like.

New players can get involved at a cheap price and win with the group. Maybe we’ll get them involved and they’ll become more interested players. – They don’t have to do anything but make an investment and root like hell! – Sounds fun to me.

Tracks can draw attention to themselves with an innovative wager and the fans on and off-track may watch and wager more. – If there is a carryover, you can pump the info on your website, program, video, and announcements. Let’s make the game fun and easy to get involved at any level. – You can bet the minimum or jump in for a couple hundred. It’s all up to you and if you’re not careful we may have some fun again.

Picture this. – There’s a guaranteed pool advertised, and for two weeks you let the players know they can get in the pool. Bettors can wager in advance and find the tickets on the website, video slates, and announcements. – You gotta love the idea of winning as a group, and having a larger pool to wager allows the handicappers to swing for the fences. – I’m in, how about you?