Passing the Torch

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 22, 2020 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

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I was contacted by an old friend. – She was my intern at River Downs long ago and was a great addition to the team. One day she brought her younger brother to work, and he was a true gent. The young man loved the game and asked many “sheepish” questions about learning how to read the program. – This was a dream come true to be able to share my knowledge of many years.  I enjoy giving new gamblers an edge into making sense of all the data. – He was like a wet sponge and soaked up everything. – Since that day, my ace intern graduated and went on to get married to begin a happy life. – When I was contacted by her younger brother it was an enjoyable conversation. When he told me he was a financial analyst who loved digging into the data. – I had another idea for my new friend.

I must admit, I can handicap pretty well and have a grasp of all things the data is trying to show us. – He’s a mid-level player who enjoys digging for the truth. – After a long conversation, I had an idea. – If you are a gambler worth his salt, you’ve tried your hand creating your own speed figures or finding a numerical meaning behind the data to mine for winners. – Sounds easy, but it takes a perfect understanding of the information and someone who has the ability to write a program to break down the info into an easy to understand system.

Stephen is a brain. He knows how to create a program, but lacks the knowledge of what to look for. – I lack the ability to write a program, but I could break down 25-30 weighted handicapping pieces of the puzzle. – Apart we are two guys who handicap, together we could make interpreting the data much easier. – This isn’t going to solve the dilemma of the Triple Crown, but it will take a new handicapper to the next level and beyond.

I’m in the process of finding the most important 30 handicapping ideas, and he’s writing a program. – This is the way he wants it to work, and with a little sweat, we’ll have a fun system to handicap the races. – To be honest, I’ll probably stick by my guns and pour over the info as I have for decades, but he will have a tool that may give him a little boost in his handicapping education. – I tried to shortcut him to the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms and he told me he had dabbled with the site and that’s what gave him the idea to take his game to the next level. – ” Oh, I’m not going to set the world on fire, I just want to handicap my favorite track and enjoy.” – I must admit, the idea has bounced around in my noggin, and has always interested me. – ” As long as you have fun, and send me a copy I’ll be rooting for you to be a better handicapper.” – He’s on his way, and I must admit. It never gets old sharing a lifetime of knowledge breaking down the data for new handicappers taking them to the next level. – I doubt they’ll be half as good as the E-Z Win Forms and over time he’ll tire of putting in the time to find the winners. But, in the meantime we’re creating a thinking player who wants to find the truth. – My bet is he’ll be back to Winning Ponies saving him oodles of time that yield a much better percentage. Best of luck, Stephen! – See you in the winner’s circle!