New Rules

by Ed Meyer

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It seems they change from day-to-day, and you’ll read daily announcements about riders who tested positive for Covid-19. – There are many riders and connections who’ll make the drive, flight, or trek to race. – What happened? I was under the impression that all involved wanted to follow the rules so the game continues. – Once fans were allowed back for racing, it feels like everyone was loosening mandate practices. This may have been a mistake for the sport of racing. – Some states are on lockdown and runners cannot ship out to race. Jockeys are not allowed to go from state-to-state, and only a handful of tracks are allowed to have riders and connections make the journey. – If we adhere to the rules, there’s a good chance of racing continuing. If not, racing may be lost for quite some time.

Here’s an announcement from the overnight sheet for Belterra Park:


Attention Horsemen. Belterra Park will discontinue the acceptance of horses/horsemen from any state other than Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Also, note that horseman includes but not limited to; grooms, owners, trainers, exercise riders and assistant trainers, etc. 
Effective Tuesday, July 14th. – Only Jockeys currently on the grounds and who ride strictly at Belterra Park or Ohio jockeys who strictly ride at Thistledown are permitted to ride at Belterra Park. NO SHIPPING ALLOWED TO OTHER TRACKS WITHOUT PERMISSION BY RACING SECRETARY OR ASSISTANT. 
At first glance, this sounds tough. But, the Racing Secretary is doing his best to keep the track safe. All that it takes is a few positive tests and the season may be over. – If you doubt any part of the virus warnings, believe me. It is real and spreads quicker than a wildfire. – If you follow the national scene you’ll hear about the problems in Texas and some of the biggest name riders testing positive. There are no sure-fire answers except for common-sense action.
There is signage everywhere on the track about safe social distancing and the mandatory wearing of a mask. – From the booth, I try and remind patrons of staying safe and adhering to the governor’s mandate on wearing masks in public. – If we wash up good like Mom would have wanted, and wear our mask. We are making big strides. Now, add-in keeping safe distances apart from others and we have a good chance of watching live racing action for the summer.
The meet is supposed to run until October, 9th and many wonder if we’ll make the distance. – Just employ the common sense mandates and follow the rules. I think we’ve got a pretty good shot of going the distance.