Three Things to Make Money at the Races

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 20, 2020 in Blogroll, General Discussion, | Comments Off on Three Things to Make Money at the Races

Sounds easy; probably like a commercial to lose weight, get taller, or graduate from college in three days. – But, if you follow this simple plan. I think you’ll start seeing a difference in your wallet. I’m sharing the knowledge of 35 years of handicapping all for the low, low, price of just reading. Trust me, it’s only after walking to the car flat broke and getting to know the secrets of the best handicappers that will change your course and make you a better handicapper.


1. Know your limits and stick to them:

Every player walks in with a bankroll. – Visions of champagne rooms and the winner’s circle dance in their heads. Not the case.  Know your bankroll and how much your willing to plunk down to get your desired return. Forget the pick-six and giant pools. There’s plenty of money to be made with win and place bets, and my favorite place parlays.

For players, I would not wager more than 10% of your bankroll in one race. – $100 bucks = $10 in wagers. – Keep this in your noggin with each and every wager. This allows you to keep a handle on your bankroll and stay in the game. – The 10% rule will help you focus more time on handicapping versus how much you’re going to bet.


2. – Get to know your tracks:

I know, you can flip around and watch and wager on three tracks all at once. This is a sure-fire way to be broke before you know it. – You need to find a track or two and focus only on them. – It will give you time to handicap with fewer distractions. If you have a few minutes, you can dial over and catch a race for the sake of enjoying the game. Who knows? This may become a track you want to follow.

After finding your two tracks, do your homework before sitting down to bet. – Know the weather, track condition, and how the track has been playing. These simple steps will have you ready to make adjustments and make your day a winner.

No playing every race! – If you like 8 races on the card, find your best 4 races to play. – This is where the real work begins. Now, you have two tracks finding your best races to play. This adds up to making eight wagers. Not bad, and you’ll have all of the excitement of watching and wagering.  For the races you didn’t bet, start a “scouting report” to find a runner who needs a wager next out. That troubled trip may pay big dividends next trip.


3. Kick it up a notch

No chef cooking here, but you’re about to make something good for the day. – For your two tracks, make a bigger bet on your top runner. Let’s say you like the #2 in the 7th race. It’s on the turf and your favorite rider is aboard. Good works, and solid connections. – If you’re winning, kick up your base wager to 20%. – This is only for your play of the day when you are winning. – Nothing like playing with house money.


The do’s and don’t of gambling: 

No drinking, or playing the party boy. – This is for suckers and you’ll lose 95% of the time. But, wow! – You had a great time!

No lending money. Pretty easy.

If you aren’t at the track for live racing. Play from home, the office, or anywhere. Sitting in the Race Book will have more distractions. – I have a few favorite ADW’s and they offer good rebates. Get paid for your wagering.

If you’re looking at a new track to follow and have no real idea about it. Have yourself a proper information system that breaks down the action and gives you the insight to build on. – That one’s easy. You are already here with Winning Ponies. – Look no farther. With $3,718,535 in exotic payouts for the year. You can’t go wrong!

Best of luck and follow the rules – Let me know how you’re doing the next few trips to the windows.