Ask The Wizard

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 11, 2020 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Ask The Wizard


I gazed into the crystal ball and what I’m seeing will astonish. There are some bright spots and others that need a little help. But, the “Wizard of Odds” is here to answer what nags your inner-horseplayer. So, I’ll wave my magic wand and gaze deeply into the next year.

Q- “Wizard, what will the landscape of racing look like in the coming year?”

Wiz of Odds –“I see plenty of wonderful things coming our way. The new year will see a slow return to normalcy according to world reports, but the pace will be slow. – Good things come in small waves of change as to not upset the balance of life. Be patient.”


Q – “Wizard, will more players watch and wager from home?”

Wiz of Odds – ” Yes. Many have enjoyed the ease of motion playing from home, the office, or anywhere you have a device. – I see more doing the same in the future and maybe that’s not a bad thing. Over the years we have seen a decline in attendance and our core audience has been growing older. We need to evolve into a game where playing from home is encouraged. Instead of free hats or coffee mugs as prizes. Offer comps such as free past performances, on-line handicapping seminars, and free online contests. Players should receive a solid rebate betting from home depending on the level they play. Make it as easy as possible to enjoy the game and reward players accordingly. Have an on-line library of how-to-use videos on how to handicap for players to learn at their own pace to educate and build new players – Add in a daily tipsheet of the best game plan of races to watch and wager from the track handicapper and you’ll have players targeting their sites on a winning day.” 


Q – “How do we get older players less computer savvy to stay in the game?”

Wiz of Odds – “I have a vision where we provide players with an easy to use phone. No apps, high-tech nightmares. Just a number where they can call into a wager. – They can deposit from a checking account, Green Dot, or head on over to the local OTB or track and fund their accounts. – From what the Wizard has noticed, the act of device wagering has one of our customer segments lost in the wind overwhelmed. 

We need to let them know where they can watch from home while they wager on the easy-to-use phone. – It has one number for wagering and another number for customer issues. Pretty simple. This idea can keep them involved and watching and wagering from the ease of staying home. – Another item that will make this go smooth is allowing players to withdraw any winnings the very next day. – Fund your account, make an easy call, and enjoy the races. – We are leaving a great deal of money on the table by not serving these players. Also, I’d bet dollars to donuts they’ll be heading to the ADW to fund accounts and watch a race or two while they are there.”

Q – “Wizard, is there a need for a huge facility?”

Wizard – “Huge, not really. But a facility where there is ample room to play VLT’s or gaming machines is important. It is an entertainment destination. – Fair priced good food, gaming machines to serve players, an OTB where players can fund accounts or watch and wager. Entertainment as an added attraction and you have a perfect entertainment destination. Don’t forget the attractive bar which will allow the player to enjoy a libation in a top-shelf environment.”

The Wizard is retiring back to his mountain lair where slumber and good ideas percolate. – This year we need to re-examine our needs, and who is not being served. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my ear to the ground and pay attention to what the players need.

Best of luck, and remember; “You can’t win unless you get in.”