In Memory of a Friend

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 5, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on In Memory of a Friend

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We live in times where we date on-line, order groceries to be delivered, and occasionally meet an interesting friend. – For me, it was the latter. A kind and gentle soul who would post wonderful messages, birthday greetings, and words of encouragement. At first, I would peruse at my leisure, but found myself reaching out between the bars of social distancing to feel the warmth of humanity. I enjoyed the kind words and pictures of a fellow horse racing fan doing what he loved. – This is dedicated to racing fans from all walks, and a wonderful man with a big heart.  Stephen Romano.

I stumbled onto the site Horse Racing Forum of America. I liked it from first glance as it was 100% positive. The vibe was one where you left feeling better before you clicked in. – Stephen would wish members a happy birthday or wonderful words of encouragement. I know. I was battling cancer almost two years ago when I received a personal message wishing me the best and to keep up the good fight. Thank you, my friend.



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I would see some “racing-related” discussions with a passion that only comes from someone who truly loves the sport. My Facebook friend was cherished by many. Maybe it was his kind words; love for the game, or just being one of the good guys. Either way. I enjoyed looking for it each day.



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Just days ago I heard his last message. He was in the hospital battling for his life and having a tough time speaking. “I’m going to be OK. I’m not gonna let this beat me.” – One day later my friend shed his mortal coil to be with his maker. The racing world has lost a true gentleman. He loved his friends, adventures at the races, and his wife GiGi whom he would refer to often. As mentioned in a post on his site; “Blessed are those who die in the Lord. They are blessed indeed, for they will rest from all of their toils and trials; for their good deeds follow them. I think you can rest easy, Stephen Romano.

I’m gonna miss seeing my daily dose of happiness and positive news. For the countless racing fans, riders and trainers, and a family he dearly loved. A void has been left behind. But, he would be the first to encourage and send you positive vibes. “Push on and fight the good fight,” he once told me.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your inner-circle for a brief time. Rest in peace, my friend.



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