Another Standing Eight Count

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 5, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Another Standing Eight Count

You would be amazed at the capital of horse racing and the hurdles it has covered over the years. But, even in the face of another round of adversity the game was given another standing eight count to ready itself for the next round.

Operations of HHR games were called into question in September when the Kentucky Supreme Court unanimously ruled that at least one brand was not pari-mutuel. Supporters of the games, which determine winning combinations based on previously run horse races, have always said their payouts are pari-mutuel, according to the

After following an hour-long explanation of the bill did we hear from the human side – Trainer Tom Drury has horses from Belterra Park to the Derby. A true Kentucky horseman who speaks from the heart about the signature sport of the bluegrass he has dedicated his life to.

Thursday’s vote followed about an hour-long hearing where supporters like trainer Tom Drury noted the economic engine created by one of Kentucky’s signature industries. He discussed the many businesses he supports to keep his training operation going:┬áneeded purchases of straw, feed, equipment, veterinary services, and beyond.

“I’ve got a person that hauls my horses to and from the races,” Drury said. “There’s a little country store just down the road where all of my employees will have lunch every day. So when you talk about horse racing in Kentucky, I think you should definitely keep in mind the trickle-down effect that comes along with that,” according to

No matter where you stand on the bill; it’s about jobs. Kentucky jobs and spirals out from there. – “SB 120 is solely about maintaining the status quo and preserving the jobs and economic development opportunities that historical horse racing has consistently provided our state,” according to – One would have thought Kentucky would have been at the front of how to conduct an agriculture business. But, the landscape can become littered with questions when people fail to see the bigger picture. According to Senator Damon Thayer; “each of the support vendors has families. He cited a University of Kentucky study that the industry directly or indirectly supports 100,000 state jobs.” – HHR has not only allowed Kentucky to keep the lights on but compete on the bigger stage against out-of-state competition and plan for the future of the sport.

Senate Bill 120 passed on February 4th as it moves onward to the Senate floor for a full chamber vote. – More is riding on this bill than at first glance. This is a big round next up. The many hardworking men and women who tend to the sport with the many families who supply, haul, and support the game with a devotion stand in the balance. Kentucky has many signature industries, and Thoroughbred racing has stood proudly.