A Good Day at the Races

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 20, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on A Good Day at the Races

I was in for a doctor’s visit a week ago. – I hate going there and would rather cut the grass with a pair of scissors. But, this visit was different. One where I sat back and got to know my doctor much better. Yeah, this one was time well spent.

We started the visit as we usually do, and then a right-hand curve hit me. – ” Hey, I heard you at the track last month. You’re pretty good. A smooth voice and very accurate.” – Thanks, Doc. Greatly appreciated. I was going to tell him the corny one-liner about the check being in the mail when he told me much more about his special day.

We were there for my Dad. He had late-stage pancreatic cancer and he wanted to go to the races. – Many of his friends from work had made the trek from his many years as an insurance adjuster. It was a day to remember seeing his smile from ear to ear.” – Dad has always visited the local tracks on days off and enjoyed the camaraderie with work associates and friends over a long life sharing the day.

Hey dad, hear the announcer? He’s a patient of mine.” – His father smiled like a proud dad, just knowing his son had made many friends along the way of life just he did. – A day in the sun filled with memories and friends. Just the way a lifelong racing fan would have wanted it to be. He loved the ponies, dollar beer, and hot dog nights. He canvased the world solving problems for people that needed insurance to pick up where life them off. His son followed in his footsteps taking care of others in a different field. But both had the caring touch. – His father passed away a short time after his day at the races.

As much as I bitch about going to the Doctor, this was the best visit in a long time. He has held my hand during tough times and enthralled me with the story of his own journey. I left feeling lighter in spirit. The inner-horseplayer in me has another person to think about as I begin my day calling races and sharing the love of racing. – Thank you, Doc. I wish you the best moving forward, and I hope all of your photos are winners.