A Day At The Races

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 25, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on A Day At The Races




I’ve never had a bad day at the races. Ever. – It’s not based on how much we made or the few bucks we lost on the 5th. – Some days are just better than others, and yesterday was great.

I had the opportunity to do a handicapping seminar with Marty McGee from the Daily Racing Form. Marty can be a bitey customer at times, but that’s just part of his dance. One helluva of a handicapper and an Eclipse Award-winning writer. We did our brief 30-minute seminar detailing our selections for the pick-five and pick-four. We traded a few barbs and had a couple laughs. But, that’s a great way to start the afternoon as a handicapper. The folks who attended had a good time and enjoyed the start of the day.

There were some visitors that came up to the booth; for a small room that can hold two folks, we seemed to have just enough room for a family of four and myself. We talked, and I let their grandson look through the binoculars watching the horses on the track. We spoke of the beauty of the day and how a young lady is battling a terrible illness. – Just talk among friends and sharing the time together. That’s what makes the day special. Friends are welcome anytime. You’re only a stranger once.

Getting to call nine live races and three stakes worth $75,000 each is always a good time. – Nothing gets your blood pumping as they break from the gate and you try and describe something as beautiful as a horse race with simple words. – I can only tell you it’s pure magic when you’re looking through the lens watching horses and riders weave in and out looking for a position. – Like a dance of its own an exciting feeling comes over you and builds to a fever pitch when you hear the fans through a one-inch piece of glass. It’s hard not to get excited. If you don’t, you may want to check your pulse.

Yesterday was a treat. I spent time with my good friend and host of the Winning Ponies Radio Show, John Engelhardt. He took pictures as he is one helluva photographer. He always seems to capture the moment. We laughed, told tales, and reminisced about a little track called River Downs where we worked together. – I must admit I learned more from him than any other in the business. – Just treat people fairly with a modicum of kindness, and make the day a magical memory. Since our times long ago, he was right then, and I take it with me every day I pull into the parking lot. – He once uttered immortal words that I’ll share for the first time with others. – We were working in the mid-January time when live racing was not being conducted. The room dimming from the early setting sun and the quiet in the room had a comfort all of its own as we sat quietly typing. ‘”Ed, we’re never going to have jobs like this again.” – He was right. I’ve had a few jobs that gave me pleasure, but there will be nothing like that beautiful little track by the Ohio River. These are the best times in my working career and making friends for life.

At the end of the day; I put my binoculars away and cleaned up a day’s mess. Just getting ready for Tuesday and a new week of live racing action. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy what you do you’re a lucky person. – Rich in memories, laughter, and working side-by-side with people you admire and care deeply about. – Yeah, it was a good day at the races yesterday…